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From a shoot that I did earlier in the year.  I love the mix of fluffier than fluffy dresses (that their mum made – how crafty is she!) and the rough cane fields of Cairns.  A gorgeous family.

Speaking of which – I have been meaning to speak to the photographers who follow this blog as I had a comment recently that had me wanting to say more.  The comment was that I don’t really talk about the children in the JinkyArt photographs much.  And that is correct.  I don’t!

And I guess the photographer who posted it was wondering why.  I really don’t think its my place to talk about other peoples children much – other then to say none specific things.  Privacy on the internet is such a huge, huge deal. Especially when it comes to children.  I might say something I didn’t realize might be inadvertently dangerous, or might even be inappropriate.  I guess, I now take the stance that when it comes to kids, the best thing to do is not say much at all. However, this has developed more and more over the years.  I was more inclined to say more 8 years ago – however really, this thing called the internet is just such a different beast isn’t it?

So on that note, if you are a photographer reading this, I’m sure you already take this into consideration.. and take a bit of care to ensure that the children are the most important aspect – and their privacy is right up there on the top of the list.

BTW, I linked this on my facebook page, but thought it appropriate here too.

Anyway, I hope to post some personal blog posts soon – Its been awhile and so much has happened with my own little family.. xoox.


When this very sweet client contacted us and advised us that her boys love owls, we went on a search. High and Low. Shelley, (our super dupa prop finder) soon discovered that of course, Owls have very sharp claws and would be unsuitable for working with children. So, the wonderful staff at Port Douglas Wildlife Zoo suggested a Papuan Frogmouth.

Click here to see an out-take, prior to the shoot, with Bruce the animal handler – who normally feeds the salt water crocs. Thank you Bruce! We felt very safe in your hands – I must say!

Far North Queensland is always such a pleasure to photograph, and this warm morning was just perfect. And whilst I’m speaking of travel shoots, make sure you check out the map to the right of this post, as we start to populate the blog again, with old, and new posts from all over the world.

More from this shoot coming up with his sweet brother too.
A dream come true to shoot!



More from the  Papuan Frogmouth shoot.

I dont know if I’ve ever mentioned this however for those of you who have contacted us you may have spoken to my PA, Shelley. Well, Shelley lives on a boat and travels round Australia – answering my emails, rowing, fishing, and prop sourcing. Amongst other things.

I was just chatting with her and she mentioned that she is currently on land and hasn’t had a chance to see the photographs from this shoot. Our wonderful client, received them recently in her gallery and after Shelley’s tremendous effort of organising this shoot I just had to post some so she could see!

Every photographer needs some amazing support folk – Shelley what would I do without you?

Thanks again to the wonderful staff at Port Douglas Wildlife Zoo.  Click here to see an out-take.




These here pictures where some of the photographs, 2 years ago, that caused my assistant Shelley, to answer a lot of the same question in emails and facebook.

These photographs were taken with a StarBurst filter, which is a screw on filter that you pop onto your lens. The filter creates stars in the highlights.

Does that make me anti Digital artistry? Absolutely not! Love digital artistry! However what it makes me is a photographer who wants to push harder at getting those tricks out of camera because for me, its all the more satisfying… I guess! Even though I have been known to mix it up, and in  – either way is a lot of fun.

I guess its all about experimenting!

And the reason Im posting these : I just spent a week with Alex from Jumping Jigsaw Designs (she does fabulous custom web design) and these are her gorgeous kids!


fairytaleAn oldie!

I promised I would try to post more from old shoots as I re-added them, so there are many more then posted before. These gorgeous girls were so much fun to work with and so sweet – they really were so lovely.

If you are interested in the post processing and how it was done, you can actually see the before and afters done from start to finish in the Post Production Videos that we have : Visit our store  for more on those.

This is from a JinkyArt Retreat in Texas which is always tricky for little ones – who have to be photographed in front of so many people. And they did great.  As for the location, the  photographs were taken at a place where I actually have my facebook profile to saying I live there because I do miss it so. Don’t worry, fellow Aussies reading this, of course, there’s no place like home however I can’t say I don’t miss all our American friends.

Lori Gola, a Photographer in Texas, helps us out over there by assisting but more so being a great friend. So let me firstly say.. a huge big thank you to Lori.  She also is great fun to go to the flea markets with (and have go to the flea markets for you) and just to generally giggle with.

In fact, as I update my site, you will find, as Lori counted the other day, apparently there are 11 photographs in the photography section of this website from Texas alone.  That is a lot of Texas lovin! Just there!

If you are ever in Texas there is a wonderful place called The Belle of Round Top – pop in and say hello (and say hi from us!). That is where we all met for our Texas workshops and Debbie and Doug put up with a lot from us I must say – 12 photographers all having a sleepover. It was a lot of fun. They have true southern hospitality and are fab for retreats etc (if you are ever holding one!). Oh and if you are a photographer needing those Texas blue bonnets …book in for a night! They are to die for.





I had a few requests to see the whole gallery so thought I would post some more! I guess its not every day that we get to work with two sweet boys and a bird such as this, and honestly – I’m more then happy to post.

I’ve run out of time to back-date more posts for now so ….I guess Ill do it on our return from Perth! We are headed there for shoots (and a workshop) and then I’m off to Hobart to speak at  The 2013 AIPP Nikon Event | Hobart – June 16th – 19th 2013 | which is my first time speaking at the AIPP (I’ve always been too nervous prior to now).  So wish me luck and if you are coming along don’t throw fruit at me, well, only if I can use it in photographs…deal?

And if you are reading this, and have come this far, I would love to know which photograph out of the two Owl posts is your favourite?(well, technically Papuan Frogmouth)  Plus it gives us an excuse to have you post in our new Don’t be shy!

The other post is here incase you came directly to this page.

Thanks again, again, to the staff at the  Port Douglas Wildlife Zoo especially Bruce – the guy who normally feeds the crocs (I have to keep mentioning that!). Actually he has another funny job title – upon inquiring what the official name of the person who feeds the croc is. He said “Habitat Co-ordinator” or some such thing. I guess he co-ordinates which angle to throw the food? Bruce, you were amazing thank you – you could easily take up a job as art director too!

Click here to see the out-take incase you missed it.