In going back through photographs for the Float series, I couldn’t help but pull out another of Ede & Lucy.

Still one of my favourite shoots – this is another perspective. Its amazing what a lens choice and stepping two meters to your right can do. If you are a photographer you will know what I mean. This was shot with a 200mm lens… and the original shot with a much wider one.

You can view the original here : http://jinkyart.com.au/ede-lucy-limited-edition-print/

I shot just over 200 photographs of Lucy the Zebra, this included this shoot and another one with some boys in a tent.  I feel like I could show you every single click, it was that much fun xoxo.


Loving being on maternity leave and being able to document my children again just as I use to.

Over 10 years ago JinkyArt started as a place to share pics of my children with family and friends and whilst I always do take photographs of my kidlets, for us, I thought it might be fun to share Ede’s craft.  Instead of just using the iphone and popping them on instagram, Ill blog them instead.

So, She – no wait – WE love doing craft. Every other day Ede dreams up some kind of craft that she would like to do and usually I just follow along. Recently on holiday, she found a lovely knitted blanket and decided that her Rabbit – named ‘Jellyfish’, needed one too. So we went through the felt left overs and wha-la.  A mini-me blanket for Jellyfish.

Supplies :

Cut up vintage blanket piece as the base  (left-over).

Felt squares (blue, cream).

Material glue.