This year we are bringing out online videos of over 20 sessions, filmed in Australia and France on how to photograph babies, children and families – as well as maternity. Keep an eye out for them in April or May. Its been a year in the making and this session was filmed for the series.

This lovely earth mama, awaiting her baby.



If you dream it… may just happen.

Taken recently in NSW Australia. We happened upon these wonderful sculptures ‘Paper Boats by artist Maurisio Perron’ in the estate gardens – an unplanned surprised. We were so excited to gain permission to photograph with them. And this sweet full of life, love and giggles!



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Pregnancy is the embodiment of inner strength and serenity even if the journey is turbulent.  It is love, patience and joy all rolled into one. Its pure and heartfelt thankfulness.

Jes @ 35 weeks pregnant on a south coast beach at dawn.  The tattoo –  her family emblem.





ja-dasha-jinkyart2016-4 ja-dasha-jinkyart2016-1

There really is so much I want to say about this sweet sweet girl. However, really, her mum says it all so well. And with so much love.

She is so very loved.

From Dashas Mum prior to the shoot :

“She is the survivor of quadruplets and a traumatic pregnancy, and also the survivor of childhood cancer. She is quite an extraordinary little girl. She is the greatest joy of our lives.

Dasha has had a challenging journey since birth. She’s endured pain and frightening symptoms before a diagnosis of cancer at just 2 years and 12 days of age. She smiled and braved her way through treatment. That treatment involved isolation, and being unable to be in the presence of flora or fauna. Having overcome her cancer (stable as its incurable but can remain stable for life) there is nothing, absolutely nothing in this world than my little girl loves and appreciated more than baby animals (puppies in particular), flowers, soft grass and sunsets or pretty skies.”

Dasha’s session was gifted to her by some extraordinary people.  oxoxo. Plus very special thanks to SummerLees for the wonderful location  & Chris from bringing her gorgeous puppies along. And of course to Shelley for organizing the whole thing xoox.