Once upon a time two beautiful mermaids bathed in a French Chateaux,

…and I happened to be there to capture it!

Dreaming up this shoot was …can I say.. a dream.

Hair Makeup by wonderful Adi Bukman. Model is beautiful Lulia & baby Emy.

Special thanks to Aurore Guillot for making sense of the sketches and making the most divine mermaid tails known to man kind.  Truly, an artist you are!




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If you had asked me 10 years ago, if I believed I would be photographing in the South of France, I would simply not have believed you. This year, I have been deep in country Australia, photographing families on their farms, in the beautiful beach side homes, and in places far beyond such as France. Such diversity. I will sure to share some more of those once I get a moment – in the meantime, France. Dreams really do come true. This sweet girl – Aix-En-Provence, France.

Hair and Make up by the wonderful Adi Bukman


The funniest shoot. Ever.

In so many ways.

A personal project in France – a bit of fun amongst all the chaos.

Our team entered this 11th Century kitchen with fun and games on our minds, to find we had about 5 seconds to complete the shoot.  We were all set up, ready to shoot, and in trotts the owners wife who clearly had not been advised of our, let me say, creativity.  Not impressed, she  decided we ‘possibly’ could not do the shoot after all.  With that, she scurried off to find her husband who had rented us the venue. Luckily for us this kitchen was well hidden in the bottom floor of a sprawling Chateau with many levels above it.

And we were like stealth ninja’s.  Completing our shoot in what was record time. And with a puff of flour, we cleaned up and *whispering* – it was like we were never. even. there.

In that 5 minutes I will say, I had one of the most memoriable shoots ever.

In fact, I would say if you were to ask, this didnt happen. And actually, come to think of it, we were so fast we didnt find out the conclusion of their disagreement about us being in the kitchen.

And we certainly did not smuggle in an animal, set up lights or any of it…. and for that reason there was no way we had someone stand guard at the door just in case the unassuming patrons would find us throwing our flour party. And Vera, our lovely model, as absolutely amazing through it all.

It simply did not happen.

(another pic to come).


jinkyart-kitchenPhotography : Barb Uil     \      HairMakeupArtistry : Adi Bukman   \  Assistant  :  Lolly  & Denis \  Video :  (to come) :  Emma  \   Model : The ever fantastic Vera.