Oldie Sunday

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byBarbUil (16)

Recently during a meet with a lovely group of creatives, we were discussing how our work  of old can get buried in our “portfolio graveyard” never to be seen again. And the importance of looking back at our old work, and what we use to do to understand who we are as creatives today.

Its been an amazingly wonderful 13 years for me. And I can say that there are some photographs that stick out to me as iconic in my journey and I guess, part of what makes me tick.

This photograph was one that really resonated with me, mostly because of your wonderful feedback (thank you!). So often I would get emails in saying “I love your unicorn photograph”.. ..

There was no need for the horn, or wings..and that is truly where childhood imagination sits. The ability to turn a stick into a sword.

A horse into a unicorn.

I love the idea of allowing children to interact with objects, toys, animals, nature and of course siblings and parents. And watching them create within that space. So often as a photographer I hear the word connection. Its a big word. However, its not often associated with objects and children do connect with objects in such a large way. A rock can become a mystical mountain in which tiny fire breathing frogs may live.

Who knows what a child will think of next. They are just simply the most imaginative, creative, heartfelt, wanderous souls on the planet. And this sweet, gorgeous girl took us away into this moment.

And whilst I am here… thank you, so much, for your wonderful feedback, I read every single comment, email and post – it means the world to me.    I always am reminded of how adults are like children too, we grow so much from feedback – and I think we often forget that.  Just a comment, here or there =) Every once in a while can really mean the world to someone.

Off to pay it forward.

xoxo Barb.