Details on the shoot at the bottom of the post. View an outtake here.

Paint your world as you dream it!   New Post Production Videos coming out 15th January!!  For those who have not already subscribed and would like to join us visit

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So hows it work? On the 15th of January, 10 new videos will be released, with another 10 due in July.  At all times there will be 20 videos available however as requested we have spread out the release to ensure we pick up relevant changes in PS & Lightroom over the year.  We have covered so much more with these latest 10, including, faster workflow, digital artistry and more.

The shoot :  We have had so many people ask if the Zebra in one of our previous shoots was real (a reasonable question) and yes, she was.  So we thought we would have a little giggle at ourselves and see what it would really look like to paint a horse. This is Bella & Molly, both as delightful as each other.  Special thanks to Kings Riding School.



Last photo post of the year.  I wanted to end with a fav, and this certainly is. Isnt he just so very whimsy!

I adore him and his little furry friend.

Once again, we hope you have a wonderful holiday & New year..see you early 2014!

For those of you who are wanting to purchase from the shop – never fear – Shelley is still working hard behind the scenes to answer all emails etc.  For photographers, as per the previous post, new videos for post processing are coming in January and we have released our Australian workshops.

Much love – see you early January!! =)




Its so close to Christmas, and it is certainly a magical time of year.

And in case you are wondering about the stars…well, no they arnt real. Of course..however we did have some fun with some fake stars – .  Heres a outtake – setting up for the shoot before Shelley and Simon put them up.   I do have some crazy ideas!  How sweet is the gorgeous girl? She had a ball!

Happy Holidays to everyone out there in the land of internet. The JinkyArt team wish you all the very very very best for the holidays and 2014.

Incase you are wondering what is install for JinkyArt in 2014 –  a baby! So I am on maternity leave and taking a wait list for shoots.  For photographers we have new Post Processing videos coming out in January – with lots of new tricks, some digital artistry (just for fun), and faster workflow.  Keep an eye out for those.

We also have the Australian Workshops released – - we are offering a before Christmas smaller deposit on those ($450 now and $450 after the Holidays).  Email us at if you would like to take advantage of that.