Free. Playful. Courageous. Adventuresome.

Just boys.



I just love photographing boys.

Its so hard not to get lost in capturing their adventure and charm.

The way they feel their way through the world, and the connection that they have with their play items, their siblings and loved ones.

Reminds me of all that is adventuresome in the world.


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Barb has 3 styles of photography to choose from –  JinkyArt, JinkyLife and JinkyBaby.

Barb’s 2015 travel schedule is as follows:
Canberra area – Year round
Melbourne, Victoria – 22 to 26 February
Sydney, NSW – 14 to 18 March
Cairns, QLD – 11 to 15 July
Melbourne, Victoria – 19 to 23 September
Perth  and surrounding areas, WA – 10 to 14 October
Adelaide and surrounding areas, SA – 20 to 22 October

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Taken at a JinkyArt Workshop.

I was given a challenge to post one image

every other day recently.

Mostly because, its true. I don’t share work often.

I should do it.

So, since we are back from our travels this year,

I will give it a whirl.

At least one photograph, every other day for a full month.

Fingers crossed.

About the photograph : I really love celebrating the bond between mother and child.

Sweet, pure, and unconditional. A mothers love.