“It’s a truly rare talent, Barb Uil captures pure essence of baby…”
- Practical Parenting Magazine Australia

JinkyBaby bookings are now available and will be conducted in our home studio in Bungendore NSW Australia.  Bungendore is just outside of Canberra. These sessions are specifically for babies between 6 months and 18months of age.  Of course, photographs with mum and dad are also available as well as one or two with siblings. The session fee is $250, and print prices begin at $99.    Albums and digital files are also available.

We will be taking limited bookings, as I am only working part-time due to just having my own sweet baby.

To book a JinkyBaby session, please email us at

Sessions will be conducted on Thursdays and Fridays only, so please let us know your preferred day.

We look forward to meeting and photographing your sweet baby in this very special time of life.


Barb Uil and the JinkyArt team.





Can you believe he is 3 months old already?

He is such a mixture of myself (fair and blue eyed) and Simon. In fact, I see Simon (my husband) & even Ede in him more then me – just that he has blue eyes.

He is so delightful.

Oh and for mums to be, I will absolutely post some of our much loved Baby “must-haves” next week or so.



 Q&A Friday ANSWERS.

Thanks for asking!


Q : Meagan : How do you get your foot in the door to be able to work with such amazing, exotic animals? 

A : We have had some amazing opportunities to explore the relationship between children and animals.  Over the last year or so we have worked exclusively with reputable people, such as Zoo’s and most recently Ben Britton who is a presenter on National Geo-graphics channel, Nat Geo.   As a personal project I love the idea of exploring how a child feels about animals via their play and daydreams, and I really believe that this also helps spread a message about conservation.  Animals are a huge part of a childs life, and really if there is any age group that adores animals, its children.  That being said, if you’re asking about how we work with exotic animals for Private Commission – we haven’t.  If your child adores animals and you would like to include an animal we recommend farm animals (via reputable handlers), birds or most of all the much loved family pet.

Q. Nina: I would love to know where you get your great outfits (like the boy with the green hat and his suit or the girl on the bed in the field). Do you sew them on your own or do you buy them?

A : Ohh I must admit, I have a bit of a collection of antique and vintage children’s clothing from around the world.  And, sometimes, I do get a abit carried away with a needle and thread. So a a bit of both.  For private commissions, often the clothing is child’s own.

Q : Megan : I would also love to know how you go about securing such amazing animals, but also what your process is for dreaming up your concept. Love this most recent image- just dreamy!!

A :  See above re : animals.   As for dreaming – I keep a journal however most of the ideas come from families themselves – during an interview process. From there, I usually put pen to paper and start dreaming. Children are so inspiring.

Q: Jamie : What camera body do you use and what is your go to lens?

A : I use the Canon 5d Mark iii. Which I adore.  I have every lens under the sun and sadly dont have a go to lens to tell you about. Mostly because I use whichever lens tells the story that Im after.  However, that being said a good portrait lens is the 50mm 1.2.

Q : Belinda : How many finished images do you present to your clients?

A:  It all depends on the style of work. For a documentry shoot, I can easily show 80, however for the more artful sessions, I show anywhere between 15-30.  These days Id like to reduce that further to under 10 – and really hone in on getting quality over quantity.

Q : Jenn : How do you determine if a location, prop, etc. is suitable to your project? And how do you communicate with children so they cooperate? What are your favourite times of day to shoot?

A : Thats a tricky q to answer simply because I just go with my gut feeling on if its right.  As for communication, it really depends on age and personality. Sometimes, quite honestly I don’t communicate directly at all. If they are shy for example, I leave it up to parents. Most of all I try and work quickly, as I really believe that is key. As for time of day, if outdoors I work at sunrise or sunset. If indoors, I will work with parents on the best time of day for the child.

Q : Shelby : How would you go about adding realistic fire to an image?

A :  Really interesting q!!  I’ve not yet explored the use of fire so I wouldn’t want to speculate for you!

Q : Amy : I’d love to know your tips on searching for that magical light which seems to be in you images. What time of day is your preferred time to shoot? Do you have a preference of age of the children to have them cooperate with you? Thank you.

A : Its all about time of day (sunrise / sunset) and if not possible sometimes I’m happy to get a little bit of help via post processing or the use of lights / reflectors.  Really Ill do just whatever it takes.  As for age preference, any age!  However for listening ears, 4 and over is helpful.

If your q isn’t there, its probably because I’ve felt I answered it already. If I missed a q, I’m sorry about that!!




Its been a long while since we have done a Q&A friday. Between newborns (HE IS SO CUTE, pics to come) and getting back into things here at JinkyArt – q&A just seemed to get away from me.

So, pop over to our facebook page and we will reply here on the blog on Friday.

And, can I just say… a hand to heart thank you for all the lovely comments and notes we have received lately on our recent work. (I say “our” because we really are a team here).  We are sending JinkyArt into the direction of hopefully more artful, yet thoughtful and unique works of children. And as mentioned in the other post… our documentary work will go on another site.  Exciting times!! And again..thank you!!!

oxo Barb

P.S not long now till I will be officially off maternity leave and we will be opening up sessions again xo.