videodonepngI have to admit, I just love sweet ankle socks with mary jane shoes. This wee gal was so delightful.

This is another photograph that you can watch me edit from start to finish in the  post processing videos -

Incase you are wondering.. I am around 19 days off meeting the latest edition to our family (not that I’m counting..ok I am totally counting).

Really looking forward to sharing some pics when he arrives and onward.  Does anyone remember my 30 days of Ede project and how fail I was at that? Well, I wont promise a project however I will be documenting him that is for sure.

We are ALL so excited!!!!

Will keep you posted.







January 1 of 2014 and I am so somber,  - no,  just quiet and patiently awaiting the future.  I feel grateful, and like a child wide eyed with hope for what is to come.

A new baby coming to complete our family of already beautiful babies.

Simpler times ahead and …did I mention a little baby!

We are all very excited.

This is my daughter, Talia.   I am her mummy so of course I cant help but think she is just so beautiful (as I do Penny & Ede) however I just love how she can hauntingly stare down the camera.

I have used this photograph in the Natural Retouching Video in the upcoming post processing videos that are being released on the 15th of January.

So today, this 1st day of 2014, I just want you to know that you are beautiful. Yes you!






Details on the shoot at the bottom of the post. View an outtake here.

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So hows it work? On the 15th of January, 10 new videos will be released, with another 10 due in July.  At all times there will be 20 videos available however as requested we have spread out the release to ensure we pick up relevant changes in PS & Lightroom over the year.  We have covered so much more with these latest 10, including, faster workflow, digital artistry and more.

The shoot :  We have had so many people ask if the Zebra in one of our previous shoots was real (a reasonable question) and yes, she was.  So we thought we would have a little giggle at ourselves and see what it would really look like to paint a horse. This is Bella & Molly, both as delightful as each other.  Special thanks to Kings Riding School.