I can not even begin to explain to you how excited Ede was when we told her she was meeting a 12 week old lion cub from Sydney. Each day she would wake up and ask if it was “the day” they would meet,  and each day we would count the numbers down.

Ede loves animals. Adores them!

When I say she loves animals – let me explain. Right now, at this very moment, she is sitting on a blow-up blue elephant, with a rabbit ear hat on, watching “Deadly 60″…and in front of the television she has lined up some of her animals.

On the shower floor sit 20 or more tiny toy animals – all of which are like lego to walk on, and its every day that she asks me, “What is your favourite animal mum?”. To which I always reply, “My favourite animal is Ede”.

So needless to say..when we found out we had an opportunity to photograph a lion cub, immediately I thought of Ede.  I spend so much of my time photographing everyone elses children – that I just knew it was a moment for  her.  And since I am on maternity leave, what better time?

When the day finally came, she was so ready. We had been told the the cub was like a playful puppy and Ede was so ready to play.  She bonded quickly with the cub and now she has this moment forever. All within about 5 minutes.

I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as we do.












Loving being on maternity leave and being able to document my children again just as I use to.

Over 10 years ago JinkyArt started as a place to share pics of my children with family and friends and whilst I always do take photographs of my kidlets, for us, I thought it might be fun to share Ede’s craft.  Instead of just using the iphone and popping them on instagram, Ill blog them instead.

So, She – no wait – WE love doing craft. Every other day Ede dreams up some kind of craft that she would like to do and usually I just follow along. Recently on holiday, she found a lovely knitted blanket and decided that her Rabbit – named ‘Jellyfish’, needed one too. So we went through the felt left overs and wha-la.  A mini-me blanket for Jellyfish.

Supplies :

Cut up vintage blanket piece as the base  (left-over).

Felt squares (blue, cream).

Material glue.



Miami, Florida.   A horse on the beach in the middle of Miami was quite a treat – and a pink horse at that.  The horse was organised however we got a big surprise to find out it was pink.   Of course, it made the shoot even better - this sweet girl and the horse matched each other in beauty!

4 of 4 photographs from this shoot – another to be posted tomorrow.

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