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Late last year we had super fun preparing and planning videos based on feedback and love from those attending.  We dreamt up this shoot, which you may remember if you follow along.

The idea came from so many people asking us if the Zebra in our previous shoots was real. She was, however we completely understood the question – especially in this digital age. Someone also asked if the Zebra was a painted horse, and wow, what a fun idea. So ahead we went and painted a horse with Zebra stripes. All a bit of fun.

In this video we show you how to enhance an image, and also go into a little bit of digital artistry.

We cant wait to show you what we have install for our July launch. xoxo.


Ede has taken a special interest in photography since she has been with me taking photographs of Art and asked me to take some pics of her and her pet “Chewie”.

Of course, I said – “YES PLEASE”.

Its been such a long time since I’ve taken some pics of her round the house just being who she is. And I realized, look at how much she has grown!

Can you believe it!

My little baby is a big girl who will be at school next year and I am just not ready.  I have major separation anxiety – already!

Ede has grown into such a little charmer. She is outrageously funny, inquisitive and HAPPY.

Oh and Sam (Ede’s pre-school teacher who told me once that sometimes she reads my blog) – if you do happen to see this (the 1% chance)..can I just say now..thank you for making her year amazing. Its all because of you that this smile is on her face 24/7. But dont worry, if you miss this, I will thank you personally when I see you next.




Having time to go back through photographs of past and actually pull out work that I have always wanted to however have never had the time – is BLISS.

Who could resist?

It truly isn’t often that I get work with such lovely animals and children.  For me, this is one of my highlights – something I will always look back on and think – who gets to do that? How lucky am I?

Taken in Round Top, Texas  - one of my favourite places to photograph because of its natural diversity and the lovely people of course.

So, Lori, this one goes out to you. For assisting me in Texas for all those wonderful workshops, I finally got round to editing another of your gorgeous boys with the Zebra. I will send it your way.







I’m often asked if I still document my children “as they are” anymore.  And I have to say in all honesty – yes, however – not as often as I would like.   Its not to say that I don’t want to. I just get distracted with work, life and well living. As a photographer I often find I am like a plumber with bad plumbing.

A few years ago whilst traveling I took lots of photographs of the family.  Like the one above. This is Penny holding a sword that we had picked out for a shoot of the girls in an English garden – Robin Hood style.

The girls had dreamed up the shoot when they found a stick with a feather in it, all carved into the shape of an arrow. It was obvious another child had stayed in the same house, which by the way use to be the holiday house of the Queen (apparently). A gorgeous English estate in West Sussex with the most extraordinary gardens.

The girls loved the gardens. So the Robin Hood shoot was dreamed up and off we went to shop for it.  A few bits of leather, old skirts and of course a sword. The one Penny is holding in the above pic.

And below are the results (which I posted a year ago).  Which photograph are more real?

My answer is truly both because I just love to explore and expand on the imagination of children – whilst also documenting what they are doing with their “right now” imaginations.

To me neither is less real. Just two different styles I guess. xoxo

PS this post makes me want to go through all the family pics for overseas and share some. If only I had more time!