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A friend recently asked me why I no-longer blog and my mind immediately went to ask, “well, does anyone actually blog anymore?”.  Then of course, I felt all nostalgic and sad for the loss of all the blogs on the planet and went hunting to see if I was in fact correct.

And what do you know, I was wrong. There are still so many bloggers out there tapping away at their keyboards. Not that I was ever a “talking blog”.  I am one of those people who worry entirely too much about how people might read what I’m saying incorrectly, or judge me, or burst into hysterical laughter over my ridiculousness.

But then, it occurred me to that since I turned the big 4.0, I have been less inclined to worry about such things. I think its like fine wine, I’m improving with age?  Or is it that I just can’t be bothered with that when there are so many lovely people out there! I think it might be that.

Plus, I know not everyone ‘does’ social media right?  So, here I am blogging.

Why not! I say – and I have so many shoots I could have blogged but never did. So Im going to go back and do that.  It’ll be fun. So if you are the 1 person reading this, thank you. I appreciate you very much!

This is baby Harriett. Sweetest little baby.








Its been awhile since I have shared a few from one session or more.  I will be posting some more from now and if you are interested in booking in a session you can view the 2016 details here:


This gorgeous family waited ever so patiently for a session – through many seasons. And I think, it was ment to be. The beautiful blossoms just seemed to sum up how they all felt for each other, like a sweet bloom of love.  xoxo


Well firstly let me say that Im sorry that I didn’t get to complete my 30 days of baby Art. I did in fact get to take photographs of him of course however, crazy life got the better of me, and then I didn’t find time to upload.

So just as a pop in and a “Hi”. This is another gorgeous baby, taken at our new studio recently – well in the garden.  And in fact this was the first client shoot ever in our “new space”. And yes, that is our cat Marley who loves all babies it seems and joined us outside for a small time. Till next time..much love xoox Barb