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Sweet Taylah and her mum – I have been asked to share more from this session and promised I would – and then didn’t get around to it.  I’m sorry. I have bloggers guilt. Its social media’s fault – I’m going to blame that (here’s me pointing all my fingers at social media like a 5 year old!).  These days I post one image on instagram, meaning to share more but never really get to it, and my social media brain goes into over-drive.

But, the upside is, since I’m going to blog again, its fun to go back and share.

This entire session was filmed as part of my online workshop video series “Maternity, Mum & Baby“. Which is actually the last of our 3 part series, however we released it first.  I know, always walking backward, its much more fun that way.

Its a wrap up of both Styled and Lifestyle sessions, which compliments the upcoming JinkyArt Styled Sessions Video series & The JinkyLife Lifestyle Sessions Video series. The JinkyArt one is coming next. Just like my blogging, things take a wee while to organise.



If you follow along you will know about our Lightroom + Photoshop videos. We have just released 10 new ones..and here are 3 of the photographs from that 10. Will show more in the coming days. If you are interesting in learning lightroom and photoshop or even just just taking a look behind the curtain at how I post process, then pop over to :

JAN20151 piano