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Its been a long while since we have done a Q&A friday. Between newborns (HE IS SO CUTE, pics to come) and getting back into things here at JinkyArt – q&A just seemed to get away from me.

So, pop over to our facebook page and we will reply here on the blog on Friday.

And, can I just say… a hand to heart thank you for all the lovely comments and notes we have received lately on our recent work. (I say “our” because we really are a team here).  We are sending JinkyArt into the direction of hopefully more artful, yet thoughtful and unique works of children. And as mentioned in the other post… our documentary work will go on another site.  Exciting times!! And again..thank you!!!

oxo Barb

P.S not long now till I will be officially off maternity leave and we will be opening up sessions again xo.