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She loves ragdoll kittens and wanted to sail away on a starry night. I couldnt help but add the moon and bring out the beauty of sunrise.

Pure Sweetness.

Just 2 of many and a sneak peak for this wonderful family (sending all my love ♡♡♡).

From a recent private commission in Cairns Australia.

Many many thanks to Chloe – so sweet that one of your kittens ended up going home with this sweet family. A forever memory. And of course, Aaron for your pirate-ness (aka the boat).


Another recent photograph from France, this gorgeous girl..and  sneak peek of next months editing videos. This one is in it – you can watch this photograph being  edited from start to finish – by request compositing- release date mid July.

Edit : You may have noticed a change.. we have been doing an assignment in the Video Editing facebook group..and that is to re-edit. Well, here it is. I re-edited to match the horse photograph. What fun!



Hair & Make up by Adi Bukman.

Its not the dress that makes the girl, its what the girl does with the dress!


And with an ill fitting crown, a raggedy dress, this broken princess is still the most beautiful princess this “Mommy” has ever seen! But that goes without saying.


Hair and Make-up Artistry by Adi Bukman.

Photography by Barb Uil.

She said “A broken princess?”.

“Not one that is perfect, one that is strong”.

And so, with that, she waved her magic wand,

And her mother, whom she calls “Mommy”,

Turned her idea into, well, a photo shoot.

But all with the guidance of “The Broken Princess” herself.

Her dream, her idea.

And you should see what she did next…keeping following, more to come from this shoot soon.

Hair & Makeup Artistry by the Wonderful Adi Bukman