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Best buddies.    Special thanks to Fiona from Garage Studio for assisting.

The last shoot from this wonderful day …  Make sure to pop over to our updated galleries that now features our more recent work. You may notice too that we are not offering documentry style shoots via JinkyArt anymore.  In the not too distant future we will be launching a new site for that style of photography.

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I can not even begin to explain to you how excited Ede was when we told her she was meeting a 12 week old lion cub from Sydney. Each day she would wake up and ask if it was “the day” they would meet,  and each day we would count the numbers down.

Ede loves animals. Adores them!

When I say she loves animals – let me explain. Right now, at this very moment, she is sitting on a blow-up blue elephant, with a rabbit ear hat on, watching “Deadly 60″…and in front of the television she has lined up some of her animals.

On the shower floor sit 20 or more tiny toy animals – all of which are like lego to walk on, and its every day that she asks me, “What is your favourite animal mum?”. To which I always reply, “My favourite animal is Ede”.

So needless to say..when we found out we had an opportunity to photograph a lion cub, immediately I thought of Ede.  I spend so much of my time photographing everyone elses children – that I just knew it was a moment for  her.  And since I am on maternity leave, what better time?

When the day finally came, she was so ready. We had been told the the cub was like a playful puppy and Ede was so ready to play.  She bonded quickly with the cub and now she has this moment forever. All within about 5 minutes.

I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as we do.