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If you listen closely you can hear their giggling, and the rustling leaves. The wind blowing softly through the air as their footsteps patter across the grass.

Such sweetness.

From a recent session near Melbourne, Australia. If you are interested in booking in a session we are now booking dates in 2016 for Canberra, Batemans Bay, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. You can view details here :

jinkyart family photography session 13413

Its been awhile since I have shared a few from one session or more.  I will be posting some more from now and if you are interested in booking in a session you can view the 2016 details here:


This gorgeous family waited ever so patiently for a session – through many seasons. And I think, it was ment to be. The beautiful blossoms just seemed to sum up how they all felt for each other, like a sweet bloom of love.  xoxo



gumtrees2A little update on us. Actually Im not even sure anyone reads this anymore (blogs are sooo yesterday!)…  So if you are, a sincere – thank you!!

Anyway..See this man?

He is one in a million. An amazing father to my children. A wonderful husband.

He also has a back disease that is causing him more and more pain.  If you are local, you might know him as the man who hobbles round on his walking stick, usually with shopping under arm and a wee one at his feet.

However that is becoming harder for him to do and you know, its heartbreaking to watch.  Sadly, I know there are many people out there with spouses who have chronic illnesses (and I dont want to seem unawares or ungrateful for my amazing life…and my heart goes out to you).   Its actually a hard thing to talk about as people are unsure what to say, and the air can become …well silent.  I understand, I really do, everyone is so well meaning and wonderful.   This year, I am not going to lie, has been a tricky one for us but we are doing ok. We are preparing, and well, it has ment that things have changed a little round here. And you may have even noticed, or maybe not at all. The internet can be quite like that can’t it. Things arnt as they seem, so often. You will notice a change, more and more.

But what I am really trying to say is. We are moving. By the looks of things. To a warmer environment as it may help my wonderful husband.

It means I am going to be offering affordable family beach sessions in the Batemans Bay area and family sessions back in Bungendore & Canberra every other week.   I will post details here in a few days, if you are interested in booking… however since this is a small town and word can get out I thought I best update.

Im always nervous about posting personally – I dont know why. I guess I have never really had a way with words xooxox