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From a recent family session.

At a recent workshop, an attendee asked me if I follow other photographers and who my inspirations are.

My inspirations are many. In fact, if I were to follow those who inspire me, I would spend all day on the computer doing, not much!

I tend not to.

I stay in the dark a little in regards to the photographic industry and who’s doing what. I don’t like competition – entering them, or comparing myself and in fact find that to be awfully demotivating.

My list of amazing photographers… I said, would be ENDLESS. But I guess to me its like looking at a Pinterest board full of crafty children’s activities, and those gorgeous pinterest birthday cakes. I think, “Oh dear, my children really didn’t get the crafty super mum.”

What I do love is happily stumbling across someone who inspires me outside the photographic industry.  Usually illustrators or artists and maybe even musicians.   Music and photography go hand in hand if you think about it.

One of my goals this year was to do some work that is unexpected.

And what I have found is that my style seems to come through no matter how unexpected I feel something may be. I just am, who I am.

So my unexpected goal turned into, less digital artistry, to getting that perfect feel out of camera as much as I can. Thats what inspires me.  To conceptualize the unexpected in a way that captures the dreamscape perfectly, in camera.

A work in progress! I guess.

What is your unexpected inspiration?



expectingYou may have already heard through the grapevine the most exciting news…we are expecting a baby very early next year.

We are all very excited, and beyond thrilled.  Especially the girls – they have already named the baby “Wombat”. Im hoping that name doesn’t stick – however it is a great name for now.

Ede (shown in this photograph, however now 4), has decided she too is pregnant, and her baby is called “Kangaroo”.

Whats that mean for JA? Well, it means my poor assistant Shelley is now chasing her tail trying to  reschedule everything around this little addition to our family. So there will be some new workshop announcements as we move the New Zealand workshop to a new date and offer some others as replacements.

More on that later.

Tummy rubs all round.

(very excited, and a little pukey)







From a shoot that I did earlier in the year.  I love the mix of fluffier than fluffy dresses (that their mum made – how crafty is she!) and the rough cane fields of Cairns.  A gorgeous family.

Speaking of which – I have been meaning to speak to the photographers who follow this blog as I had a comment recently that had me wanting to say more.  The comment was that I don’t really talk about the children in the JinkyArt photographs much.  And that is correct.  I don’t!

And I guess the photographer who posted it was wondering why.  I really don’t think its my place to talk about other peoples children much – other then to say none specific things.  Privacy on the internet is such a huge, huge deal. Especially when it comes to children.  I might say something I didn’t realize might be inadvertently dangerous, or might even be inappropriate.  I guess, I now take the stance that when it comes to kids, the best thing to do is not say much at all. However, this has developed more and more over the years.  I was more inclined to say more 8 years ago – however really, this thing called the internet is just such a different beast isn’t it?

So on that note, if you are a photographer reading this, I’m sure you already take this into consideration.. and take a bit of care to ensure that the children are the most important aspect – and their privacy is right up there on the top of the list.

BTW, I linked this on my facebook page, but thought it appropriate here too.

Anyway, I hope to post some personal blog posts soon – Its been awhile and so much has happened with my own little family.. xoox.



These here pictures where some of the photographs, 2 years ago, that caused my assistant Shelley, to answer a lot of the same question in emails and facebook.

These photographs were taken with a StarBurst filter, which is a screw on filter that you pop onto your lens. The filter creates stars in the highlights.

Does that make me anti Digital artistry? Absolutely not! Love digital artistry! However what it makes me is a photographer who wants to push harder at getting those tricks out of camera because for me, its all the more satisfying… I guess! Even though I have been known to mix it up, and in  – either way is a lot of fun.

I guess its all about experimenting!

And the reason Im posting these : I just spent a week with Alex from Jumping Jigsaw Designs (she does fabulous custom web design) and these are her gorgeous kids!