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I walk past this photograph on my stairwell every single day.  It sits there in its black frame reminding me of the power of this here girl.  Her amazing inner strength and resilience.

You may have seen this pic before.  To be honest with you, I had no idea when I took it, and it was only when I looked at the camera data was I able to decipher that it was in fact : 11/26/2007 2:10:30 PM.

Nearly 7 years ago.

My first baby is now nearly 14 and she a shining light in our lives. Reminding us every day what a gentle presence can have in the thick of a storm.

Today I walked up our stairwell and looked straight into her eyes and thought to myself how thankful I am that she is with us.  What a beautiful soul she is.





Can you believe he is 3 months old already?

He is such a mixture of myself (fair and blue eyed) and Simon. In fact, I see Simon (my husband) & even Ede in him more then me – just that he has blue eyes.

He is so delightful.

Oh and for mums to be, I will absolutely post some of our much loved Baby “must-haves” next week or so.



I can not even begin to explain to you how excited Ede was when we told her she was meeting a 12 week old lion cub from Sydney. Each day she would wake up and ask if it was “the day” they would meet,  and each day we would count the numbers down.

Ede loves animals. Adores them!

When I say she loves animals – let me explain. Right now, at this very moment, she is sitting on a blow-up blue elephant, with a rabbit ear hat on, watching “Deadly 60″…and in front of the television she has lined up some of her animals.

On the shower floor sit 20 or more tiny toy animals – all of which are like lego to walk on, and its every day that she asks me, “What is your favourite animal mum?”. To which I always reply, “My favourite animal is Ede”.

So needless to say..when we found out we had an opportunity to photograph a lion cub, immediately I thought of Ede.  I spend so much of my time photographing everyone elses children – that I just knew it was a moment for  her.  And since I am on maternity leave, what better time?

When the day finally came, she was so ready. We had been told the the cub was like a playful puppy and Ede was so ready to play.  She bonded quickly with the cub and now she has this moment forever. All within about 5 minutes.

I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as we do.













As all new (and old!) mums know, having a newborn around the house is just so tiring. Its funny because, having had three children previously I thought I could just keep on without skipping a beat. And actually, I was wrong. The first couple of months really are full of cuddles and sleep-ins.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If I could bottle this time in our lives, I would. Its going all too quickly. I am just so happy to be with him and his snores. His little sniffles and rumbles. Even the bottom ones.

And so are the girls (ok, maybe not the bottom rumbles so much).  Still taking turns to cuddle and love him. He has slipped into the family so sweetly, just as if he has always been here.

Art is 2 months old now. I will post an updated pic of him shortly however this is one from the day I took this photograph.

My oldest and my youngest.



I’m often asked if I still document my children “as they are” anymore.  And I have to say in all honesty – yes, however – not as often as I would like.   Its not to say that I don’t want to. I just get distracted with work, life and well living. As a photographer I often find I am like a plumber with bad plumbing.

A few years ago whilst traveling I took lots of photographs of the family.  Like the one above. This is Penny holding a sword that we had picked out for a shoot of the girls in an English garden – Robin Hood style.

The girls had dreamed up the shoot when they found a stick with a feather in it, all carved into the shape of an arrow. It was obvious another child had stayed in the same house, which by the way use to be the holiday house of the Queen (apparently). A gorgeous English estate in West Sussex with the most extraordinary gardens.

The girls loved the gardens. So the Robin Hood shoot was dreamed up and off we went to shop for it.  A few bits of leather, old skirts and of course a sword. The one Penny is holding in the above pic.

And below are the results (which I posted a year ago).  Which photograph are more real?

My answer is truly both because I just love to explore and expand on the imagination of children – whilst also documenting what they are doing with their “right now” imaginations.

To me neither is less real. Just two different styles I guess. xoxo

PS this post makes me want to go through all the family pics for overseas and share some. If only I had more time!




archerbirthAnd so he arrived.

On Feb 6th 2014, as planned we headed into the hospital for a Csection.  Not the way this earth mamma really wanted to deliver however, one that we had decided was safest for us given past birth complications.

We had found ourselves a wonderful Ob, one who would later come to save the day.

Everything went as planned with the Csection. He arrived safe and sound, at around 7pm all 9.2 (correction from 9.1) pounds of him, at 38 weeks on the dot.

The cord was securely around his neck however that was a quick fix.  He gave us all a squeal and all was well with the world.

We thought.

During the pregnancy I had come to spend most of it – well, unwell. I found myself at the end unable to do much at all.   Its funny how easily we get use to discomfort.

Puffy, breathless and unable to sleep laying down seemed completely normal for pregnancy.  And even my dreams of drowning and waking up gasping for air seemed completely reasonable given that I carry such big babies.

So really, I thought little of it.

We arrived home with our new bundle and it wasn’t really until then that I realized that possibly something could be wrong. I settled into my chair to sleep at night wondering if I would ever feel safe enough to sleep laying down when it occurred to me that really this should have stopped.

I had begun to fear sleep in case I might not ever wake.

Simon, (Art senior), put his foot down and made an appointment with our family GP for the next day.

The GP told me that once the extra baby weight settles down, so too will the breathing and that everything should be right in the world once again. So we headed home with our minds set that this was to be my new reality for a while. Just to make sure, I rang my Ob and explained to the receptionist what was happening.

Thats when it all began. Thank goodness for our wonderful Ob.

After a quick visit to her office, she rush me off for a CT scan and ultrasound looking for blockages, however instead they found a fair amount of fluid on my lungs.

With that we knew something was amiss and found ourselves in ICU attached to all sorts of machinery and surrounded by lovely caring nurses.

It was all a little frightening.

So, it seems I have a heart condition that has apparently always been there and probably always will.  From what we were told its progressive however manageable and after a regime of liquid reducing drugs I now can lay down and sleep like a baby, with my baby.

It really will be months until we find out just what is going on exactly.

However, for now, all is well that ends well.

I do hope that by posting this that it might help someone else out there who feels similar symptoms to seek help sooner.

Yes to breathing again.  And welcome to our little man who not only arrived in our arms however also introduced me to a condition that could have possibly gone un-diagnosed until ..well, the end.

My little saviour.

I just want to take this moment to thank everyone for their well wishes, support and for your congrats.  We feel overwhelmed. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.




P.s For those asking. If you are in Canberra, and want a fantastic Ob – I highly recommend Rebecca McCormack : (02) 6162 3036 (At Deakin –  Gaia Woman’s Specialists). Make sure you tell her I said hi and thank you!