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As all new (and old!) mums know, having a newborn around the house is just so tiring. Its funny because, having had three children previously I thought I could just keep on without skipping a beat. And actually, I was wrong. The first couple of months really are full of cuddles and sleep-ins.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If I could bottle this time in our lives, I would. Its going all too quickly. I am just so happy to be with him and his snores. His little sniffles and rumbles. Even the bottom ones.

And so are the girls (ok, maybe not the bottom rumbles so much).  Still taking turns to cuddle and love him. He has slipped into the family so sweetly, just as if he has always been here.

Art is 2 months old now. I will post an updated pic of him shortly however this is one from the day I took this photograph.

My oldest and my youngest.



I’m often asked if I still document my children “as they are” anymore.  And I have to say in all honesty – yes, however – not as often as I would like.   Its not to say that I don’t want to. I just get distracted with work, life and well living. As a photographer I often find I am like a plumber with bad plumbing.

A few years ago whilst traveling I took lots of photographs of the family.  Like the one above. This is Penny holding a sword that we had picked out for a shoot of the girls in an English garden – Robin Hood style.

The girls had dreamed up the shoot when they found a stick with a feather in it, all carved into the shape of an arrow. It was obvious another child had stayed in the same house, which by the way use to be the holiday house of the Queen (apparently). A gorgeous English estate in West Sussex with the most extraordinary gardens.

The girls loved the gardens. So the Robin Hood shoot was dreamed up and off we went to shop for it.  A few bits of leather, old skirts and of course a sword. The one Penny is holding in the above pic.

And below are the results (which I posted a year ago).  Which photograph are more real?

My answer is truly both because I just love to explore and expand on the imagination of children – whilst also documenting what they are doing with their “right now” imaginations.

To me neither is less real. Just two different styles I guess. xoxo

PS this post makes me want to go through all the family pics for overseas and share some. If only I had more time!