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The last 30 days before my baby turns 1.

Every day.

A photograph. My baby boy, from a mothers perspective.



Day 19 : I need a little reminder of how I can find my way sometimes. This morning I rose to a beautiful morning and was reminded of our artful life and how we as a family strive to fill our hearts with joy, and creativity in our every day.  Ede helped to collect things on our walk and then together we took these photographs and crafted Arts name.

Art senior and Art junior, as a reminder to lead a more artful life.


Day 18 : Ok Ill admit, I had to miss posting a day, and this photograph is another frame of the shot posted on day 8. However, life got the better of me. So, back on track today I hope. And in a way, I am kind of glad I had to go through the old pics because I found this little gem – and am now wondering why on earth I went with the other pic! I LOVE this much more. Infact, THIS is the one that will go in the family album. My two boys.


Day 17 : A quick one for today, as I just walked in and found Marley and Art like this. So sweet, how could I resist?!

Day 16 :  While you are a baby, I can never hold you too much or spoil you.
I can only love and adore you. Every day I stop and appreciate every tiny moment,
the smiles, the tears and the still snuggling midnight feeds.
Its these quiet moments that I will miss, however I can not wait to get to know the little boy
that is showing himself more and more every single day.


Day 15 : Half way and I am already sad that in 15 days I might stop. I hope I don’t. Capturing something every day of this little babe growing into a boy has been such a pleasure. So much so that I have even chatted to my girls about documenting 30 days in their lives. And they all said yes (amazing), of course, with some involvement. Talia would like to collaborate on a creative feel which made this photographer mummy’s heart swoon. Back to baby Art, he has started to explore. A lot. He stood independently for .15 of a second yesterday and as you can see, it wont be long till we get to hear his little pitter-pattering feet running up an down the hall way. Blocks by the way, are one of his favourite things…to throw.


Day 14 : Today, Art and Boo played in the sprinkler.  Of course, Art is obsessed with Boo, and Boo is a good girl and lets Art use her as a leaning post to stand and sit on. They are so very cute together.


Day 13 : Arty Bear is his name.  Infact, anyone who knows us well knows his theme song, which is in tune with the Spider Man soundtrack. Or if you ask my husband, Spider Pig from the Simpsons. To me SpiderMan sounds far more whimsical. So, heres the song (sing it with me!). “Arty Bear, Arty Bear, does whatever an Arty Bear does. Swings his hips side to side, all because here we go because, here comes the Arty Bear!”.. ox


Day 12 : A stolen moment. (And incase you are wondering, there is a B&W or Colour thread on facebook right asking which one should end up in the family album. At the time of updating the Boo and Art in the sprinkler pic, B&W was winning).


Day 11 : Another sleep shot. I couldn’t resist. He is so peaceful and beautiful.  This is the little face that I get to watch every day whilst he sleeps.



Day 10 :  Guess who’s fav food is watermelon?  And looking at the pics I’m now realizing he likes raising his arms in the he just doesn’t care! =D


Day 9 : I promise, we go outside. Today was another miserable day however, so, it seems, outside play eludes us.   I took these at 7am this morning … it seems to me that he is happier in the morning and lets face it. So am I!  Peek-a-boo!


Day 8 : One of my favourite photographs of Ede of all time is with her daddy.. and this morning while Simon (Art senior) was trying to put Art to sleep, I was reminded of that moment all those years ago.   It seemed to me that this was the ideal moment  and asked Simon to put his arm around Arts head – just as he had done with Ede in “that photograph“.   Simon got a confused look and Art thought the whole idea was ridiculous.  Ahh the life of a photographers husband (and son). Still, I love this little shot of their quiet cuddling moment (albeit ruined by me with my camera).



Day 7:   Art and Ede. Art loves following her round and Ede loves making him craft. She has made him more hats than I can count and today she decided he needed to be a prince at her animal party.  She asked {with very innocent big brown eyes} if it is ok to have all the neighbours animals inside for the party so that she and Art could eat cake with them.

Cake, I decided, was probably not the best food for animals and on this occasion said no. “Maybe next time”, I said.

It didnt deter her from making party invitations for everyone and handing them out. I think, if I do make it through 30 days of Art – 30 days of Ede is next on the agenda. Fingers crossed.

Of course, I took the opportunity to take this. (see below).




And this (see above).



Day 6 : Woo, just in the nick of time.  Today, poor Arty Bear was a little under the weather. And so was the weather in fact. Miserable and rainy, so we spent a lot of time indoors.   We managed to do a whole lot of nothing – which is nice – and that equated to a whole lot of cuddling.!



Day 5 : Such a hot day today…with rain finally in the afternoon. Art watched it pour day from Ede’s bed. His little friend Marley, not too far away.  Of course, I am on the look out for anything cute to add to his 30 last days as a baby series.  (And let me add, Im quite proud of myself for even making it this far. I know, I just started! Lets see how long I “really” last!).


Day 4 : If there is one thing that Art isn’t  - its a morning person. He wakes up screaming just about every morning. Except on this occasion. Worth another sleepy pic for sure, who knows when he will wake up like this again.



Day 3 : Meet Marley. He is super cute and super new.  He is actually Ede & Penny’s new kitty, however Art has taken to him considerably. Art can not. stop. giggling at him.  Marley is hours of entertainment and so full of adventure. His favourite thing to do is chase the dog of course, and Art thinks that is pretty funny.  I hope these two will be come great friends.




Day 2 : Its these moments, the quiet times when I am feeding Art that I truly look down and reflect on what a joy he is.  I know, of course its not the method of feeding however, more the closeness that feeding brings and as a mum its something I wont ever do again.  I will miss this. So much.  Sigh. Sometimes, I can only truly show how I feel in photographs.




Day 1: His very favourite thing to do is play peek-a-boo. He even says it. “Boo” as he lifts up the scarf. It is super super cute!  I am so adoring him. My very last baby. Its been a while since I have done a 30 day project however, I just know I need to cherish every single moment of this baby boy. We all adore him. He has bought so much joy into the household. With his little smiles, his tiny sense of humor and his baby blue eyes. We are still surprised by those.


Ms Ede :  Ede loves Texas.  L.O.V.E.S.   Looking back through these photographs it reminds me of my little girl running wild and free, I call her untamed Ede! And I just love her…so much.




I walk past this photograph on my stairwell every single day.  It sits there in its black frame reminding me of the power of this here girl.  Her amazing inner strength and resilience.

You may have seen this pic before.  To be honest with you, I had no idea when I took it, and it was only when I looked at the camera data was I able to decipher that it was in fact : 11/26/2007 2:10:30 PM.

Nearly 7 years ago.

My first baby is now nearly 14 and she a shining light in our lives. Reminding us every day what a gentle presence can have in the thick of a storm.

Today I walked up our stairwell and looked straight into her eyes and thought to myself how thankful I am that she is with us.  What a beautiful soul she is.





Can you believe he is 3 months old already?

He is such a mixture of myself (fair and blue eyed) and Simon. In fact, I see Simon (my husband) & even Ede in him more then me – just that he has blue eyes.

He is so delightful.

Oh and for mums to be, I will absolutely post some of our much loved Baby “must-haves” next week or so.



I can not even begin to explain to you how excited Ede was when we told her she was meeting a 12 week old lion cub from Sydney. Each day she would wake up and ask if it was “the day” they would meet,  and each day we would count the numbers down.

Ede loves animals. Adores them!

When I say she loves animals – let me explain. Right now, at this very moment, she is sitting on a blow-up blue elephant, with a rabbit ear hat on, watching “Deadly 60″…and in front of the television she has lined up some of her animals.

On the shower floor sit 20 or more tiny toy animals – all of which are like lego to walk on, and its every day that she asks me, “What is your favourite animal mum?”. To which I always reply, “My favourite animal is Ede”.

So needless to say..when we found out we had an opportunity to photograph a lion cub, immediately I thought of Ede.  I spend so much of my time photographing everyone elses children – that I just knew it was a moment for  her.  And since I am on maternity leave, what better time?

When the day finally came, she was so ready. We had been told the the cub was like a playful puppy and Ede was so ready to play.  She bonded quickly with the cub and now she has this moment forever. All within about 5 minutes.

I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as we do.













As all new (and old!) mums know, having a newborn around the house is just so tiring. Its funny because, having had three children previously I thought I could just keep on without skipping a beat. And actually, I was wrong. The first couple of months really are full of cuddles and sleep-ins.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If I could bottle this time in our lives, I would. Its going all too quickly. I am just so happy to be with him and his snores. His little sniffles and rumbles. Even the bottom ones.

And so are the girls (ok, maybe not the bottom rumbles so much).  Still taking turns to cuddle and love him. He has slipped into the family so sweetly, just as if he has always been here.

Art is 2 months old now. I will post an updated pic of him shortly however this is one from the day I took this photograph.

My oldest and my youngest.