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To book a private session with Barb Uil, please email



Barb has 3 styles of photography to choose from –  JinkyArt, JinkyLife and JinkyBaby.

Barb’s 2015 travel schedule is as follows:
Canberra area – Year round
Melbourne, Victoria – 22 to 26 February
Sydney, NSW – 14 to 18 March
Cairns, QLD – 11 to 15 July
Melbourne, Victoria – 19 to 23 September
Perth  and surrounding areas, WA – 10 to 14 October
Adelaide and surrounding areas, SA – 20 to 22 October

To book a session simply email us.


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yawn2Another day, another outfit.

Presently, he is going through about 5  clothing changes each day. Not bad really considering he throws up all over himself at any given moment.

And then there are those nappy changing moments which we are not at all use to. The times he pees all over himself, and us.

This is one of those moments where we retreated to the guest room since he had managed to  vomit and wee all over our bed.

Something tells me that I will have to delete this memory so he can keep his dignity when he is older.


Poor little man.

All that hard work of vomiting and weeing made him very very tired.