"Barb Uil has become one of the most sought after portrait photographers in Australia, and its not hard to see why" ~ Better Photography Magazine Australia.


Thank you for your interest in booking a session with Barb Uil.    Currently, Barb is taking time away from photography to focus on her family due to family illness. Thank you for your understanding.

"It's a truly rare talent, Barb Uil captures pure essence of baby..."- Practical Parenting Magazine Australia

If you are after a JinkyHeart session for a terminally ill child or baby please contact us as soon as possible.  JinkyHeart sessions are about creating a once in a life time photography experience based on the child's interests, loves and personality and or beautiful family memories to treasure for years to come.   Eligible families receive a copy of the full resolution files (up to 30) for download. The only cost to the family would be any travel or prop costs and this can be discussed in full prior to the session.

"Her photos make for a walk down a vivid memory lane. Full and alive with color, the photographs evoke echoes of innocent laughter, the feel of hushed breeze, and the soothing, calming warmth of the sun. Not to mention, a tinge of nostalgia for the good old days of childhood." ~ Digital Photographer Magazine Asia Pacific."


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Please be aware that for all family, child and portrait sessions, Barb Uil reserves the right to retain copyright unless otherwise previously discussed. It is a requirement that prior to the session, a copyright release form be signed and/or approved by the parent or guardian.

An unfortunate reminder - It is illegal and considered shoplifting if photographs are reprinted, published, scanned and reprinted, or reproduced in any manner or medium either from this website, client galleries or from prints.



Jinky Art is a photography experience inspired by childhood wanderings, boundless imagination, far away places, antique treasures and all things family.  Known worldwide for her magical and imaginative depiction of childhood, award winning photographer Barb Uil began her journey as a photographer in 2003 after many years of working with children in Pre-Schools and exploring all things childhood.

Her admiration and love for children has inspired not only the JinkyArt brand but has also allowed her to travel world wide booking countless portrait commissions,  teach over a hundred JinkyArt photography workshops, feature in magazines globally and become a recognized name in the world of Children's Photography.

However, Barb Uil loves nothing more than the simple pleasure of photographing the children that she meets and creating pieces that depict their boundless imaginations and love that they feel for their families.

To see her latest work visit the news section and be sure to pop over to the gallery.  To book a private commission please visit our details page.


For media inquiries please contact us at

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“Barb Uil has become one of the most sought after portrait photographers in Australia and its not hard to see why”

Australian Better
Photography Magazine

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For private portrait commissions of babies, children or families simply fill in this form or email us.  Our office hours are M-F  (9-5) Sydney Time however we do shoots 7 days a week.