Location: NthQLD


I had a few requests to see the whole gallery so thought I would post some more! I guess its not every day that we get to work with two sweet boys and a bird such as this, and honestly – I’m more then happy to post.

I’ve run out of time to back-date more posts for now so ….I guess Ill do it on our return from Perth! We are headed there for shoots (and a workshop) and then I’m off to Hobart to speak at  The 2013 AIPP Nikon Event | Hobart – June 16th – 19th 2013 | which is my first time speaking at the AIPP (I’ve always been too nervous prior to now).  So wish me luck and if you are coming along don’t throw fruit at me, well, only if I can use it in photographs…deal?

And if you are reading this, and have come this far, I would love to know which photograph out of the two Owl posts is your favourite?(well, technically Papuan Frogmouth)  Plus it gives us an excuse to have you post in our new ..new..comments. Don’t be shy!

The other post is here incase you came directly to this page.

Thanks again, again, to the staff at the  Port Douglas Wildlife Zoo especially Bruce – the guy who normally feeds the crocs (I have to keep mentioning that!). Actually he has another funny job title – upon inquiring what the official name of the person who feeds the croc is. He said “Habitat Co-ordinator” or some such thing. I guess he co-ordinates which angle to throw the food? Bruce, you were amazing thank you – you could easily take up a job as art director too!

Click here to see the out-take incase you missed it.