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lambJust a quick post…Taken at a recent JinkyArt workshop in Perth. Special thank again to Alex from JumpingJigsawDesigns & Photography.

And a lovely note from a kindred spirit, who came along to a recent workshop here in Bungendore at the JinkyArt headquaters : Thank you Kim, so much!!



Dear Barb,

I cannot begin to put into words how much I enjoyed the JinkyArt workshop last weekend but will try anyways ;)

Barb, you are the BEST and the most candid person that I have ever come across in ANY industry. It is surreal knowing how much of an open book you have been and that you are such a down to earth and a ‘real’ person. There were quite a few ‘Ah Ahhhhh’ moments for me and things were put into perspective in such a mild manner that it was like talking to a very knowledge friend rather than an industry pioneer in the world of photography and art. 

 My darling husband, understanding how big a milestone this was for me, as parting words on the day I was leaving for the workshop, stressed to me that the Barb in my head is perfect in every which way, but the person I will be meeting shortly, ‘might’ fall short of some of those high expectations and I might come away from the weekend with less adoration and maybe a tad disappointed. After all, he said, ‘She is a business person as well as an artist, and needs to keep a few tricks up her sleeves and just because you are head over heels in love, doesn’t mean it needs to be held up or reciprocated’. I must admit, it did sober me up and brought me back to reality and the world we live in where everyone is out for themselves.. 

 These wise words swimming in my head, I cautiously started taking in the workshop with a bit of objectivity and it worked, for a little while… as minutes and then hours passed, Barb, started becoming real. She was still awe-inspiring, epitome of my photography world, but also fast becoming a friend. I had asked some pretty candid and probing questions and they were both met with the same level of patience and acknowledgment. There were no airs of superiority or aloofness and the knowledge just flowed.

 The days were quite intense and there was a lot to soak up. On the surface, it seemed like things were flowing very smoothly, but underneath, I was paddling like crazy to keep up with all the invaluable info. And there was SO much to learn! I just got my notebook wanting to stress a point, and thought that before I do that, maybe I should validate it, and YES – I have filled up 17 pages of the little notebook we were handed at the workshop. These pages contain tiny little valuable gems of erudition that Barb just passed on. One can be off hand and say, ‘Oh, I knew, that’, but having the knowledge and knowing how to apply it are two vastly different phenomena. I learnt how to apply it. Things were put into perspective in terms of relativity. It was priceless!

 Every care had been taken in making us feel comfortable; from ambience to food to comfort, it had all been fostered with great success and contributed in the whole learning experience. 

 Personally, for me, this workshop was tantamount to a pilgrimage and I can honestly say that I was not disappointed or felt the want in ANY way. Having read everything (to my knowledge) by Barb that is out there; being in the house that was featured in ‘For the Love’, was the final validation if one was ever needed to believe in the magic of photography and capturing the precious memories of the love around us. The purity with which the entire workshop was conducted will stay with me forever and I will cherish the memories until the end of time.

 I went there chasing a dream and have come back with ambition – same thing, but still miles apart xo

 Kim xoxo



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A sneak peek from a recent family shoot in Western Australia. We have just arrived home, and its freezing in Bungendore of course. However, what a beautiful setting WA beaches are for photography!!!