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50 Lightroom+Photoshop Videos

Please scroll down for details. To purchase click ADD TO CART, then click VIEW CART at the top of the page to complete the purchase. All prices are in AUD (around $80 USD) and ex. gst.

This is by far the BEST class I have ever taken” ~ Kimberly Krup


Instant Access. Learn how to create delightfully crafted imagery with the aid of Photoshop & Lightroom. 

Over 15 hours of viewing.

Over 50 photographs edited.


Wish you could push your editing skills to the next level?  Join us in this yearly video subscription of 20 videos per year, with a further 30 videos in the “hall of fame” giving you instant access to 50 videos.

50 Edits, 50 videos only $99 for anyone of any level or experience (ex gst).  Over 10 hours of video.  It took me years to learn how to post process photographs – and now I have recorded step by step, exactly how I do it so you too can master the craft of post processing.

A guide is included for each video. Watch the videos from a password protected area of the JinkyArt website.

Review : “Just wanted to say the new videos are fantastic and way too cheap for how much information you have given us!!!! Thank you very much…” ~ Rowena W



Newly added : Moving images – learn cinematography.

Please note prices are in AUD which is very close to USD (approx $80 USD). No Actions or Presets are used.

Whats included in your annual subscription?

Instant access to over 50 photographs edited with step by step instructions, in streaming video. Then each January we bring out 10 new videos, and again in July, we bring out another 10.  You can choose to remain subscribed to receive access to all the new videos each year ($99 per year), or you can cancel at any time via your login Member Home Page which you access to view the videos.    These videos are aimed at keeping you up to date with techniques and technology whilst helping you to create delightfully crafted imagery.

All prices are in AUD and ex GST  (Australian Dollars) : Conversion rates can be found here.



To subscribe all you need to do is click add to cart and then go to the cart at the top of the page. Your subscription lasts for one year or up until the day you cancel within that year term.  You can unsubscribe at any time via your Member Home Page, and for those that remain subscribed your membership will auto renew each year on the day that you purchased, so you wont need to do anything to remain on board to receive all the new videos coming out to you each January and each July.

This is our most popular product and the feedback has been truly fabulous. Scroll down for reviews and comments about the videos.






REVIEW : I have watched the first 3 videos and they are fantastic. I am someone who knows alot about photoshop from the technical side. My struggle is with identifying how to use it to make my photos better. Being able to spot the things to change rather then knowing how to change them if you know what I mean. I’m so pleased to by the way you have taught in these videos. Not only showing how things are done but actually sharing your eye and showing me how to identify ways to improve during the editing process. It’s fantastic!! Thank you ~ Paula

REVIEW  : I’m only 7:30 into the first one and already feel I have got my money’s worth!!!! ~ AnnaNelson

REVIEW : Just watched video 1 and it was great. I already use Lightroom and ps but wanted to improve my processing. This is exactly what I need. I have been looking for a class at the right level for ages – this is way better than anything else I have researched. Thank you! ~ mmthom

 JinkyArt HeavenSmaller

Literally hundreds of positive reviews :




Already purchased? Login to the Customer portal:


Whats included in the yearly subscription? 20 Videos of Barb post processing 20 photographs and a further 30 videos which we include from the Hall of Fame. Every July 10 new videos will be released to replace 10 old videos, and every January 10 new videos will be released to replace 10 old videos also. So during your subscription you actually get to view at least  60 videos of 60 different photographs as long as you view them before they roll over.  Thats actually more then the 10 hours we detail.


The Subscription is $99 AUD per year (ex gst). Your subscription lasts for one year or up until the day you cancel within that year term.  The subscription automatically renews however, keep in mind you can unsubscribe at any time, and this is very easy to do via your Member Home Page.






The videos are on Vimeo.com and it is up to you to ensure your country accesses that (for example China has blocked Vimeo)


Barb uses Lightroom (5 & 6 & CC) and Photoshop (CC) however if you just have Photoshop the majority can be followed along in Camera Raw.  The processing is done on RAW files. For the ‘moving images portion’ which is an extra portion for those wishing to do moving images, you will need a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud that includes Premiere Pro.

What do I need to take part?

Once you have purchased the subscription you will receive in an email (to your registered email address) with directions on how to login. To view the videos all you need then is a good internet connection, a headset for clear listening is recommended, and your smile. You are not required to have lightroom or photoshop however these are educational videos of Barb using those programs to process her images. It is up to you if you feel you need those programs – you might just want to take a peek at what Barb does.


Wondering what isnt included?

This is not a basics on lightroom and photoshop. It is a “behind the curtain” look at what Barb does to process her images, as well as the opportunity to join in on the facebook group. The videos do not cover any aspects to do with the business of photography, camera techniques, styling or anything other then the techniques that Barb uses in Lightroom and Photoshop.


Subscription :

Your subscription will roll round once a year and you will have access up until the day you cancel. Your subscription will renew on the date of your first purchase the following year.  Every January & July we will roll out new videos, to keep you up to date with Barbs techniques, so we hope you stick around.  Be sure to watch the old ones as the new will replace the old, however we will keep 40 videos there at all times.  If you wish to cancel your subscription you can do so at any time via your Member account or by contacting us at childphotographers@gmail.com, however be aware that you are granted access up until the day you cancel within that yearly period. Please note as per our terms and conditions: For subscription based products : Unless you cancel your membership before it is set to recur, you will be charged again. It is up to you to cancel it prior to renewal. No refunds will be issued if you change your mind after your subscription has renewed.


Questions? Email childphotographers@gmail.com.

Photoshop is a tm of Adobe.