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Also below, these are just some of the wonderful notes that we have read and received. Before you read on, let me say firstly, thank you, so very much xo ~ Barb
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“Already well known in Australia, Uil’s workshop helps photographers define their style” ~ Professional Photographer Magazine America.



Your JinkyArt workshop was hands down best workshop I’ve ever been to.  The information and knowledge you so very happily and comically shared with us was amazing.  I’m so happy and proud to be a jinkyan. Thank you so much Barb. ~ Kelly Smith.

”My experience at the JinkyArt Workshop has forever shifted the way I think about photography and the way I run my business.  I am beyond grateful for Barb’s kindness and wisdom.  She gives herself wholeheartedly and teaches with such grace and passion.  Barb is an incredible teacher.  She leads by example and encourages others to find their own special passion.  I came home with a vision for my photography, tools to bring that vision to life and a new found strength to dream big.  The JinkyArt Workshop has impacted my life, my photography and my family in the most wonderful ways.  I am forever changed and so thankful I had the chance to attend Barb’s workshop.” – Jennifer Morrow –

“This weekend has been life changing for me I am sure. Not only have I learned so much but I feel so inspired and confident to go ahead and do things my own way!! I feel like one of the kids we have photographed over the weekend… totally in awe of the whole experience and will be smiling for a long time to come! Thank you Barb, to you and your amazing family for a most fabulous weekend. I feel like I have been hugged!!” ~ Clare Kinsey

“It’s not very often you register to attend a workshop and leave having all of your expectations met. When I registered for Barb’s workshop I was excited and hopeful that I would walk away with some great advice and a few handy business tips. I never in my wildest dreams though I would have all of my expectations met or exceeded as was the case. This was truly the best professional workshops I have ever attended. It’s so hard to get honest and professional advice in a constructive way in this industry. Barb not only provides a wealth of knowledge (with no question off limits) but does so in a disarming and relaxed manner. I have taken away so much from this workshop, have gained in confidence as a photographer, and am excited about the direction I am planning on taking my business.  I cannot thank you enough Barb!” ~

 “The Jinky Art workshop I attended in Seattle this past August was like going on a health kick for my creativity and my business. At first it’s hard. You know the information you’re getting is right and valuable but it takes some time for you to pull yourself out of your funk to make some changes. You start slowly… almost begrudgingly… soaking up the information and biting your nails into the wee hours trying to figure out how to implement the advice in a way that works for you. But then, each nugget of information you pull out and put into action, begins to build on each other. All of a sudden it’s 3 weeks after the workshop and you realize you have come from feeling stale, confused, and demoralized to focused, motivated, and bursting with new ideas. I’m sure a lot of people will comment about what fantastic fun it was to work side-by-side with Barb for 3 days and to meet and be inspired by so many other talented photographers – and it SO WAS; I was astounded by how much Barb was willing to share openly and candidly and HELLO I got to do a shoot with a hot-air balloon! But what’s blowing my mind is what happened to me after I left. THAT is the mark of a good workshop and that is what made this one worth every penny.” – Michelle McDaid – 


“I purchased the Jinky Art Workshop for a birthday present to myself. Not being a professional photographer I was very, very nervous doing this workshop.  It turned out I didn’t need to be. Barb, Shelley and the team are so friendly and welcoming, I instantly felt relaxed and eased right into the workshop. I learnt so much from the workshop and Barb is very generous with all aspects of her knowledge of photography. It was a dream to do the shoots and thought and effort that went into them were amazing. I loved every minute of it and I hope I see you again, soon!”  ~ Michelle

“Earlier this year I fell in love. Only unlike the previous times I’d fallen in love, it was instantaneous, I was captivated and I couldn’t stop staring at the object of my desire. I was,(strangely) in love with an image.  It was with an image I saw on the JinkyArt website. I’m an aspiring photographer in the early stages of my career and I adore photographing children. I’d never seen images like Barb’s before coming across her website (shared on social media) and instantly I knew that I had to learn from this amazing teacher. I travelled across the country from Tasmania to West Australia to make sure I secured this opportunity (in honesty I would have gone overseas – I needed to learn what Barb had to teach).  I found the workshop challenging – but in a way that made me grow. I found it delightful – in the new friends I found. And I found it creativity enhancing – I came home with so many new ideas and shoots that I wanted to try out. Thank you Barb for sharing what you know in such a real, honest and humble way. You have made me a better photographer and each image of yours I see makes me a bigger fan. Thank you for giving me a feeling to aspire for. One day I’d like to create the emotion I feel about your images in someone else about my own.” –  Kirsty Dunphey –

“I had spent hours looking at all of Barb’s work in complete admiration. I  attended a photography course a couple of years back in which we had to speak about some inspirational photographers. Barb and JinkyArt were the top of my list, her creativity and the way she stands out from the crowd have always been something I admired. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw she was coming to do a workshop here in Adelaide. (2012). It was the best weekend, sure the days were long, the mornings were early (to get that amazing light) but spending time with Barb and a group of enthusiastic women who all have the same passion as you was totally worth it. Not only did I meet Barb, I have made some really lovely friends and it’s fabulous to follow everyone on their photographic journey. The ‘bible’ that Barb gives you alone is worth the money, it sits on my desk for me to flick through at any moment. Barb, I could not thank you enough for not only teaching me new things but for encouraging me to keep at it. My hero telling me I am doing a good job was the best thing ever!” –  Kirsty O’Connor – Silver Lining Images –

“This workshop is chock-full of Jinky goodness – lots of tickles, giggles, whimsy and fun. Barb opens her heart and leads you on a beautiful journey of imagination and creativity, as well as good solid business knowledge. She is a wonderful mentor and friend and provides valuable insights into her work, her vision and her strength in the profession – just being able to watch her work is in itself a treat. Barb is a true visionary and her infectious personality and ability to connect with her subjects shows a passion that is unmatched in the industry. I am a very proud debut workshopsurvivor and feel so thankful to have connected and shared knowledge with such a beautiful soul” ~

“Finished up the workshop today and all I can say was it was absolutely INCREDIBLE!! Loved every minute of it – thank you from the bottom of my heart, Barb, you are such a genuinely beautiful person!!! Thank you!!! I told my husband last night that I will never go to another workshop again because it simply couldn’t compare and would entirely be a waste of money!!! Thanks for all your insight, encouragement and answers – you were born to do this”. ~

“All I can say is WOW!!! What an amazing couple of days. You are truly an inspiration to me in more ways than one” ~

“This workshop blew my mind. Thank you Jinky for being you and for teaching me to be ME and to never be afraid! I will always remember you for giving me that breakthrough moment with my business, I am forever grateful. I will keep searching and pushing myself. Thank you again for your candor and your humor – You & your team – ROCK ! ‘ When in doubt – dance! You’re a true gem. Thanks, Barb! ~

“Barb, thank you for putting on an amazing, inspiring workshop. The location was breathtaking, combined with your unique vision that you selflessly and honestly shared, the creative vibe was palpable. I was taken aback when I put my hands on the gorgeous workbook that was well thought out and extremely helpful, I can …see this being my photography bible for quite some time. Thank you so much, it was a pleasure to meet you, your friendly staff and adorable family!” ~

“I so needed this! I just got back from a workshop in Pittsburgh with the very talented Australian photographer Barb Uil, otherwise known as Jinky Art. She is AMAZINGLY talented – just oozes with ideas and creativity. Her work makes my heart sing (her words for something else, but I found it so appropriate when trying to describe how her images make me feel). I was so humbled this week as a photographer. A nice kick in the bum to get you into action and make your daydreams into reality. Gosh, I needed that. It was wonderful”. –
My expectations have been exceeded over and over and over again. You’re the best! ~

“Thank you, thank you for the incredible experience this past weekend. I cannot say enough how much I needed it. You have given me so many things to think about…. Thanks again for being so incredibly open and inspirational! ~

“I just want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for such an amazing time. I am still trying to process everything! I am so beyond grateful and in awe of the amount of work and dedication you all put forth to each of us at the workshop, no matter how tired you were, you are all always so great and willing to go the extra mile (and answer a gazillion questions). Barb, the wisdom, talent and creativity you have in photography and in business is outstanding and amazing. The fact that you not only do it, but also teach it, and teach it well is a gift beyond measure. Really, you are a teacher beyond teachers and I am so thankful I was able to join your retreat. Your genuine and authentic teaching and guidance is pure gold! Thank you for sharing your whole self with us. I am forever grateful! All the best in creativity and success!” ~

“I really can’t say enough about the workshop. It was helpful in more ways than I could have imagined. I went expecting to watch Barb work (which I did) and pick up a few tricks of the trade (which I did) but what I REALLY got out of the workshop was so much more. I came back so inspired to find MYSELF as an artist. I came home with a definite plan and ideas on how I am going to accomplish that. I would say that, THAT was my “ah ha moment.” The different locations..outside on the street, in dark homes, really gave me the courage to try some of those locations with my clients. Now I see how I can successfully handle those situations. I would recommend the retreat to others! I feel very fortunate to have been able to meet Barb and all of the people that surround her. After meeting her it is no wonder that she is surrounded by great people! Barb’s warm personality put me at ease the moment I met her. This will be a hard workshop to follow!” ~

“Barb…There truly are not enough words to thank you for your openness, encouragement, honesty, curiosity, and interest. You are such an example of following your heart’s song, and the peace that flows with that. I will forever remember, reflect upon, and cherish the days spent learning with you. The workbook is outstanding! It’s quality, information, presentation, and time vested in it’s pages…unmeasurable. Reading, working through and absorbing the years of hard work and wisdom in it continue to inspire and guide. It truly is a gift. While I do feel like a blank canvas (which is a bit daunting) I excitingly look forward to emerging, growing, loving, and encompassing ME. So I end this sentiment with a heart abundantly filled with newness, gratitude, respect, and the knowingness that each of you is a unique treasure to this universe. Thank you.” ~

“Thank you, Barb! Your hospitality was amazing. You make me want to visit Australia! Barb, thank you for being so generous and forthcoming with your knowledge – both on the business and photography end. It was LIFE changing!” ~

“Far exceeded my expectations. Totally got what I wanted from the workshop. Huge thing for me was the creative heart discussion. Also website critique. Huge. So wonderful to have such a personal touch. Workshop was SO smooth, SO much fun, got SO much out of it, Barb delivered incredibly well. The venue was divine. Everything, life changing (I really hope, will get back to you on that).” ~

“I got everything and more than what I expected from the workshop. I loved how Barb was happy to answer any questions (even the silly ones) and how she explained everything in a way we could easily understand. I enjoyed the shoots the most, shooting alongside Barb and being able to see what, why and how she does what she does, asking qustions and being able to shoot and learn on the spot. I enjoyed watching her do a family portrait session both indoor and outdoors. I learnt a lot from being able to watch her work. The schedule flowed brilliantly. Barb was relaxed, laid back and very easy to approach. The number of photographers was perfect, the length was perfect, the Old Stone House was simply gorgeous not to mention the food and staff. There is nothing I could suggest to improve the workshop.” –

“Thank you so much Barb for everything! It was lovely to meet you and your family and Deb & Megan! I am so so so inspired and excited to make changes!!” ~

“Barb your workshop was just what I needed….a real breathe of fresh air. It was an honor to spend time with you and your “crew” – who were equally as amazing, helpful, and sweet as you are. You are an incredible photographer – and your willingness to teach others is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your feedback,… it’s just what I needed to hear and will no doubt help my career soar.” ~

Wow Barb, thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most amazing weekend. You really taught me so much and gave me the courage to make changes I’ve known I’ve needed to make for a long time. You are an amazing inspiring business woman. Your workshop has easily been the best thing I have done for my business. I really can not thank you enough for sharing your wisdom and your heart so openly. THANK YOU!! xx ~

“Barb over-delivers in every aspect of her workshop – from the amazing preparation and attention to detail in planning the workshop, to the personalised experience, the beautiful venue with an abundance of perfect locations for shooting, to the amazing and irresistible food and friendly hosts, Barb’s incredible generosity with her time and knowledge, not to mention her lovely nature, and an amazing amount of information shared with us. Barb leaves nothing out, answers every question and creates a fun and friendly environment in which to learn so much from her about how she creates her magical photos, and from the other participants. As a second-time participant, I came back for a consolidation of what I learnt the first time, and got SO MUCH more! It was such a fantastic experience, it’s hard to say what my favourite part was – the amazingly detailed business discussion and the insight into such a successful and lovely person – I loved it all!”-

“Barb, thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge this weekend! You were so inspiring and I now have a much better grip on where I want to go with my business and how to get there.” ~

“Thankyou,thankyou to you Barb and your wonderful colleagues for an inspiring and sharing workshop. You manage to attract some fantastic people in your life. All goodness and heart songs to y…ou and your family for opening your lives to us!” ~

“Barb thank you thank you thank you for the most amazing and inspiring workshop ever. This has been the highlight of my photography career by far and I can’t wait to put it all in to practice. You have such a wonderful team and are such a generous, amazing and inspiring person. I want to do it all again!” xxx ~

“Wow!!!!! I hate to say that i was writing notes while driving but I was. Best money that I have EVER spent on a workshop!!! I am so exicted for what is to come. Thank you for putting things into perspective and giving me what I was looking for.” ~

“What an AMAZING experience not only to meet you, but all the inspiration, creativity and knowledge I soaked up at the workshop. Thaknk you for sharing so freely and inspiring me!” ~

“Loved every single moment of my time with you at the workshop. I feel so inspired and full of helpful information, I couldn’t be more excited to get started. Many thanks to all.” ~

“Hey Barb, just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the wonderful retreat last weekend. As a 2nd timer, I was asked by many of the girls why I wanted to attend another workshop and my anwser was pretty simple….”Because the 1st one was just amazing!”. The location is stunning and creates such a peaceful environment to learn and be inspired. The work book is a credit to you and easily shows just how much much time and effort you have put into creating these workshops. But most of all I am amazed at just how generous you are with sharing your knowledge not only in photography but also in building a successful business. So thanks Barb, my 2nd workshop lived up to everything I had hoped for and more! xoxo” ~ Rebecca Pullen.

“I just wanted to thank you for your magical workshop! I had been looking forward to this for months and the reality of it blew my expectations out of the water! I learned so much about your photography, creativity and beautiful soul! I loved watching and learning from you…in all aspects… your photography, your business, as well as how you incorporate your beautiful family into it all… it was so inspiring! Thank you for making the sacrifices you do in order to share your talents with all of us. Your beauty and kindness make my heart swell! I thought the workshop was exceptionally well planned and executed. It was wonderful to have so many photo shoots and interactions with “clients”. It was great to watch you as you worked both in front of the camera as well in photoshop. I also appreciated that you took the time to review our portfolios and provide your feedback. I found that to be extremely helpful! What an amazing experience! Thank you!” ~
“What I enjoyed so much about the retreat was the experience of learning so much from the workshop itself, meeting so many other photographers, time out from everyday life, being spoilt with a beautiful location and wonderful food. Often doing a workshop you learn a lot, but don’t have the experience of being totally pampered and spoilt. This workshop was something for me personally and something for my business. Creatively, I came away with lots of ideas. The workshop has given my confidence to try new things. The shoots were amazing, fun to photograph, inspiring. This hands on practice during the workshop was invaluable. Working with indoor light is something that I struggle with sometimes. I got a lot out of the indoor settings. On a personal level, Barb I loved your laid back opposite of intimidating style. You didn’t keep anything from us. I loved that you are not perfect either in all your shots and don’t mind telling us! You are such an inspiring person. Thanks again for the most wonderful experience.” ~ Leanne Schwabe

“Barb, thank you for an absolutely amazing and extraordinary weekend!!! I loved every minute of it!!! It’s been a week already and I’m still on a Jinky high! Your spirit and passion for all things beautiful is contagious! Thank you for inspiring me by your creativity and love for life. You are beautiful inside and out.” ~

“My experience at the JinkyArt workshop was FAN-TASTIC!!! It was so much fun, and that combined with learning loads of technical tips and seeing how shoots are set up to get the best possible results, made it so worthwhile. I have gained so much confidence in myself and what I can achieve. The pace was frantic at times with shoots going on all over the place, and the days were long but I never felt pushed. In fact I felt disappointed there was no more at the end of the day. I am amazed at how smoothly everything was organised which is a credit to the amazing team! Everyone who was involved were all so nice, friendly and approachable! ~

“Barb, just wanted to tell you how much I loved the Pittsburgh workshop. It was an awesome experience. I have been JINKY-FIED! (Is there a T-shirt I can buy?) I am beginning the journey of embracing myself. Thank you.” ~

“Thank you so much for a fabulous workshop! I so enjoyed meeting you and learning from you! Not only is your work amazing, you are too!!” ~

“I had THE most AMAZING time at your workshop! Loved every second of it– and still have an “information” headache from everything I learned!” ~
“I’m so grateful Barb and Deb for such an incredible workshop! It was inspiring and helpful on so many levels. Thank you for your generous willingness to share and your joyful spirit. LOVED the three days of soaking up all the Jinky goodness” ~

“I had the most amazing time! I felt comfortable enough to try new things (and maybe stuff them up to). I wanted to come to the workshop to help build my confidence in business that I’m doing the right thing and to help improve upon all areas – photography & business. The photography side was AMAZING! It opened up a whole new side to my creativity that I wasn’t even sure was there before – it’s made me want to expand on it more and more. The business side was absolutely invaluable. So much of setting up a business is feeling your way through with what works and what doesn’t – this workshop helped guide me through the more useful areas to concentrate on – it would have taken me months to get to that point on my own. The workshop as a whole ran very smoothly – if ever there was a question it was answered quickly and helpfully. Barb did a great job with delivery – it can’t be easy with 13 people hanging off your every word!! The venue is ridiculously amazing and I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know for a gorgeous weekend away. ” ~

“I absolutely loved the retreat – not only was it good to interact with other participants, but it was fantastic to get so much information and valuable feedback from Barb. I really loved being able to see how Barb approaches a shoot and how she works during. I liked seeing the preparing of props – it shows how it is really very simple but really makes the shoot magical. The information on pricing and photoshopping was very useful and I found the group discussions very entertaining and enlightening. Barb is a fantastic presenter, even when she was losing her voice! The location was brilliant (thanks Debbie for the yummy food!) and I would 100% recommend this retreat to others. I feel that this will prove to be an invaluable experience to me in the long term, and I strongly believe that this will help my business grow. Once again, thank you to everyone involved.” ~

“Thank you so much Barb for your workshop – thank you for teaching us and passing along some of your magic.” ~

“The workshop was a DREAM! Wish I was still there. So much to learn and absorb. I am forever grateful. I know this will change the course of things for me as I go forward in business and in life. Barb, your true heart {that creative heart} is just amazing! Thank you for sharing a piece of you with all of us.” ~

“Thanks for your inspiration and magical vision! I am still feeling the magic!” ~

“Thank you so much for your workshop Barb! I had a wonderful inspiring time and am still processing it all! i loved being around so much creativity.” ~

“I loved it all…for me, everything you said either resonated, validated, or enlightened. It was the perfect workshop for me…you were truly the right photographer to work with because like i said in our private meeting, so much of what you did and said reminded me of myself (right down to using a pc!). It was your pure honesty and free-spirit, whether it be about life or photography, that I so loved. Thats where I felt at home. I believe I can finally break into the next level~ I was waiting for this. With a few things to tweak that came at just the right time, really great advice, and the one-of-a-kind experience in photographing with you, I felt that it was worth every penny. Maybe one day I’ll build an empire for myself, whether it’s global or just within my own home~ either way, that’s what inspiration does.” ~

“The retreat was divine. I knew I was going to have an amazing time but I didn’t dream you would be able to pack quite so much in. I learned enough to help me really feel confident about my photography career. I found watching Barb in action as she interacted with the models to be one of the most helpful things. Also helpful were the details of post processing. Finding out about those tools was ALMOST worth the cost of the retreat. Almost. Barb was an incredible and gracious presenter. I felt like everyone’s questions were answered and she took the time to explain things some (like me) did not understand. An ah-ha moment for me was definitely learning about Barb’s collaboration with the client. Realizing this was golden to me. The location could not be improved upon in my opinion — just heavenly. I would highly recommend the retreat to anyone and everyone who ever picks up a camera. Seriously.” ~ (Sidenote from Barb – Gina, Ill never forget the time we spent with you) ~

“I found the retreat to be just what I needed at this point in my career. I had been feeling burnt out by the industry’s “cookie cutter” approach to child photography. Barb gave me the much needed creative boost that I was looking for, and knew I would get from her! Barb shared not only her ideas and techniques, but her creative process that was so helpful. I found the workbook to be worth it’s weight in gold! Thank you so much for putting out this amazing resource with beautiful images to boot! Barb’s attention to detail for the entire retreat was much appreciated. I would love to take another workshop by Barb in Australia! The LA workshop was OK for shooting, but I would much rather shoot in beautiful golden fields. Thank you again for so much valuable information and your genuine spirit and passion. It really shines through your work.” ~

“Thank you Barb for an amazing workshop. It was a joy and honor to meet you, and I cherished our time together.” ~

“The workshop was AMAZING! Thank you for everything. I am looking forward to my new journey – enjoy your days off with your beautiful family and again thanks for all you sharing and giving!” ~

” The JinkyArt Retreat far surpassed my expectations…I had no idea I could learn so much (and that I needed to!). Barb’s delivery of the workshop was fun, easy going, educational, and above all inspirational. The team behind her is 100% perfect and each person involved made me feel welcomed, comfortable and happy! I believe I have just had one of those pivotal life changing experiences by attending the Retreat.” ~

“Thank you SO MUCH Barb and the whole JinkyArt team for all your sacrifice, hard work, and inspiration!! i felt so welcomed from the first moment I met you…and it only got better as the time went on! I hope to keep in touch and share all the amazing things i do along the way that were inspired and encouraged by you! THANK YOU!” ~