Soul Searching

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The above : A collaboration – By myself and my husband.

Musings below :

Lately my voice has been screaming for space.

For the imperfections, for grace and the un-affected. Pure of heart.

Recently I taught a workshop where one of the attendees asked me where I downloaded my animal “composites”.

Now, before I launch into this you KNOW, if you have followed me (and have heard this before) that I love digital artistry. And its amazing skill and admire those of you who are just outstanding at it.

But, most, if not 90% of the time – in my shots – the animals are not a composites from two different shoots. And that’s just a voice thing. I prefer the children to experience the joy of the relationship that they have with the animal, safely.  To have wander and understand just how valuable animals are on this planet, and experience their beauty. To have the stars floating around them, to be holding the cake or to be actually there on the boat.

Its their imaginations and experience after all.

But again that’s not to say that the art of making a story around a child, digitally, is any lesser. Its not. Its another skill…altogether. A form of artwork that is entirely different.

So for teaching, such as my editing videos, I often will add things, or sometimes, I might add a moon or some fluffy clouds or another star..for example. I LOVE doing that. I do, and I love teaching. I was after all a child care worker prior to all of this and its my retirement plan to go back there.  Making fuzzy felt animals and reading on the reading rug with preschoolers.  Be still my heart!

Let me get back on topic…(if there really is one)…

Back to photography. I really in my heart of hearts, feel so much more joy, for myself and the children in the photograph… if I can provide them with an experience that is based around their own imaginations and capture that on the day for them.

And that’s where my voice is screaming. My photographic voice.

I jump up and down when I capture something in camera… as is..and it captures just THAT.  Then in edit… its about enhancing the colours, the feel, in  such a huge way that it brings more to the imagination of the work.  Like a paint brush.

My husband Simon asked me why don’t I just shoot film. Well, I said.. “I love digital photography”. AND I love having the option of moving a star – from side A  to side B for example. And painting. Which he rightly proclaimed, I could still do, shooting film. But its not for me.

And I don’t feel like I need to really explain (although I have) myself. (So why am I? I am just now asking myself this).  I prefer to just shoot, make things with my hands, and experience and really quite honestly, offer my clients this moment in time that is just for them. Nobody else.

I feel – like – my time – our time is short.

And every day, more and more, I am immersing myself in my own day to day – offline.

I am enjoying craft, making props, drawing up ideas, sharing in this with my family. Making craft that is entirely different to photography and something we will share soon. I feel so fortunate that we lead this amazing life where art and craft are our every day.  Where there isn’t a day that goes by where one of us isn’t involved in an art project..

So this long winded post is about a change that you will slowly see happening here on JinkyArt. Its already started.

Its SO longed for.

But let me just say to you – its such a slow gradual thing you will wonder what on earth I am talking about…. Really, Im still going to photography. My heart for photography and capturing childhood memories and moments is still as pure as it was the first day it started. And I am so so so grateful for every single moment of this journey.

So…We have something in the wood works that we will be sharing with you…and my flow of work coming to you shall be truly, from the heart. As always. But my aim, is more and more hands on…in person. And sharing in that delightful side of it.

But now, I must go and grow some carrots.

Dont worry, Ill be sure to photograph us doing it and bring you along for the ride…

Good night cyber land – my old friend.