I wanted to mark today as the day that I started to dream again in colour.

Today, I am exploding with photography ideas.

Today, I am journaling, making vision boards and bouncing from wall to wall with the urge to create. It’s been such a long time.

Today also marks that day that my daughter attended school from Monday through Friday, for the first time in over a year and a half.

Today, is a good day! For now, anĀ old photograph, re-edited.


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To say my daughter’s illness, my husband’s disability hasn’t changed me would be a lie. I’m so changed.

I’m so very changed.

In fact, as a creative its completely, and utterly – halted me.

I’m like a creative statue. I feel completely unable to find a way to move forward.

I don’t share work. I don’t take photographs. I don’t relax.

I know its just a time in my life.

Today my daughter is at school for a full day. She tried that a few weeks ago and it didn’t last. Every time she tries, I feel this fog lifting but it’s not a fog I’m angry about. It’s just more important than anything I’ve ever experienced before. So in a way, the fog is nurturing. Everything else gets put aside.

If you are reading this and wondering what on earth Im talking about – well – my daughter has been very unwell for a year. My husband has been unwell for years, but is finding a way to come out of it.

If there’s anything I wish to say today, its hold your family close.

Be thankful for good health.

Because one day it might change forever.

And it does change you. It cant help but not.

Today, I’m thankful for this wonderful wonderful life. And for this wonderful thing called photography that I can look back on and think, wow, I did that. I photographed these gorgeous children, in this magical place. With these beautiful animals.

And I just am so thankful.

And with that in mind, I wanted to share again. Sharing in thankfulness.