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My daughter Ede and our new kitten, Kara. Ede’s big sister, Penny, has been having a little bit of a rough time lately, as she has been newly diagnosed with Epilepsy. Penny has been begging for a therapy cat (as she calls them). So, we popped down to the local RSCPA and picked up a little friend for her to cuddle. And lots of cuddling has happened since.

You might be wondering why the photograph of Ede then? Well, we have a rule in our house, that nobody has to be photographed unless they want to be. And Penny opted out. Ede was all too happy to have a little cuddle with Kara, and I was all to happy to document it.


xoxo Barb

She said “A broken princess?”.

“Not one that is perfect, one that is strong”.

And so, with that, she waved her magic wand,

And her mother, whom she calls “Mommy”,

Turned her idea into, well, a photo shoot.

But all with the guidance of “The Broken Princess” herself.

Her dream, her idea.

And you should see what she did next…keeping following, more to come from this shoot soon.

Hair & Makeup Artistry by the Wonderful Adi Bukman