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Its been awhile since I have shared a few from one session or more.  I will be posting some more from now and if you are interested in booking in a session you can view the 2016 details here: http://jinkyart.com.au/details/


This gorgeous family waited ever so patiently for a session – through many seasons. And I think, it was ment to be. The beautiful blossoms just seemed to sum up how they all felt for each other, like a sweet bloom of love.  xoxo


In the JinkyArt Facebook group for photographers who have attended a JinkyArt workshop in the past, we recently did an assignment. With the huge changes in the industry, there is so much chatter outside the group about how “rock bottom” photography is. And I really keep my blinders (and blinkers) on because its not something that inspires me and honestly, I do prefer to just keep creating and try not to get too involved in all of that.

Lets face it, every industry changes. Every single day and I guess in a way I find change exciting.

But back to the assignment.

Often as creatives who are working creatives, or creatives with busy lives (think children, other jobs, just life) we forget to nurture our creative beings and give ourselves the time and indulgence to flourish. Think of it like we do our bodies, if we are too busy and rushed we eat whatever…and if we keep eating junk we become unhealthy, and as creatives I believe that if we don’t take the time to really care for our creative side, we will too churn out work that is lesser than – and its a vicious cycle. This is less than inspiring!
So just like eating good foods, and taking the time to prepare fine meals (Sorry for the food analogy, I didn’t intend to make you hungry), I think we should take the time to understand what it is that nourishes our creative selves. What should we be filling ourselves with. And over the years, that of course will change. It has changed a lot for me however, I do find myself at nearly ever shoot, taking a photograph that is the me of yesterday – I just cant help it. So the assignment was to take time to go back and ask ourselves what it was that inspired us at the very beginning. Before we worried what “others thought”. Before we were concerned with what technology, idea, tool, fad was “trendy in the industry”. And before any of all that.

I use to shoot both film and digital. I loved B&W film. Who doesn’t?! So, even after I decided to go “more digital” I kept that B&W film feel in mind. And honestly, I think it always has been there. Sure I don’t show B&W’s that much however, if you wouldn’t mind, I’m going to indulge over the next little while, and show you some of my favourite photographs of more recent times that are inspired by the yesterday me. And its more than just being B&W ..its a feeling.


Picture 1 : The inspiration image :

Taken in Canberra, Australia

First the inspiration image : This photograph was taken in, I believe 2006. I actually started to really take photographs a lot earlier then that, however this was a turn point photograph for me and one that my mind goes back to a lot.


Picture 2 : Taken in Catalonia Spain late last year in 2014. One of my favourite photographs of the year.




Picture 3 : Taken in Pacifica, CA. Late 2014

“Second to the right, and straight on till morning.”
That, Peter had told Wendy, was the way to the Neverland” – J.M.Barrie, Peter Pan 





Picture 4 : His sister.  Pacifica CA 2014.



Picture 5 :  Bungendore NSW Australia. Taken during a “JinkyBaby” client shoot.   An instant fav.




Picture 6 : California.





Last one :



If you want to join in on this assignment, go for it! Go back to the beginning and try and draw from what inspired you in the first place because there was something there that grounded you, and made you the photographer you are today. xoox. P.s Ill keep adding to this post so I hope you come back to visit.

Much love.