Location: France

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Marie Antoinette. A personal project.

She is Marie. Described by her brother, the emperor Joseph II, as “likeable and honest”.

If you think of Marie Antoinette, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Was it the above? Likeable and honest?

Likely not. she is remembered, or depicted, by most as extravagant, maybe a little bored? Possibly somewhat tempestuous.

We, and let me explain shortly, embarked on this personal project at the beginning of the year, oh wait. Actually, late last year, however photographed many months ago now.  Like many personal projects, editing them takes a back seat and maybe a small part of me enjoys keeping some shoots to myself. I cant really even explain why – just that often the disconnect brings me comfort. Sometimes its a private commission and its for the family however, in some cases, like this one its personal. And the goal…. to explore something I haven’t before, and push myself to draw from what I do now, into something a little different.

Its funny to me how ‘the me’ is always still there in my work even when I try to push outside the box. Or is it that maybe people are thinking “I like your old stuff better than your new stuff”.

Either way, like Marie, I become bored and long to explore more – and this is just one of those moments. And wow, what fun we had. I worked  with wonderful Adi Bukman who is a Hair and Make up Artist however she also played a wonderful role in  helping to gather all the pieces. Like giggling sisters, we dreamed up ideas and put them into play. What fun.

Marie, to me, is someone who may have been misrepresented, even within herself.  Someone who possibly could have been far more etched in “real” than make believe. Shes a bit of a mystery in fact and the reason I wanted to be one of literally millions of artists out there who have depicted her is that I often feel overwhelmed by today’s version of excess and extravagance.  Oh and believe me, its not that I am depicting my life. More… just a take on this modern day, we are surrounded by things, like busy sound waves of discontent and disconnect.

As a society I feel like often we are poised waiting for the next amazing glitter of gold, yet we look longingly out of our glass houses and feel a yearning to let go.

Or maybe its just me.

And I should add, you can translate this however you wish, and you will I guess. To me, its a reminder of why I do what I do. Why I offer individually personalized photographic sessions for children rather than pretty sets or scenes repeated for everyone. About the child, about their personalities and amazing individual imaginations.  And again, why I offer the more documentary style of portrait family sessions where children jump on the bed in their pajamas. And how lucky I feel to be able to do that.

Both real.

xoxo Barb