Location: TX

Ms Ede :  Ede loves Texas.  L.O.V.E.S.   Looking back through these photographs it reminds me of my little girl running wild and free, I call her untamed Ede! And I just love her…so much.



Here’s a song
It reminds me of when we were young
Looking back at all the things we’ve done
You got to keep on keeping on. 

Out to sea
Is the only place I honestly
Can get myself some piece of mind
You know it’s getting hard to fly

If I’m to fall
Would you be there to applaud
Or would you hide behind them all
Because If I am to go
In my heart you grow
And that’s where you belong”

~ Oasis “Im outta Time”.

A new series from old work. Revisited.

Over the years I have had the most amazing experiences, and opportunities. And I just love being able to share them with you.  So, along with my regular posts, I am bringing a new series onto the blog – “Float”. Which is are works that I just love yet might not have yet shared publicly from shoots shared previously (such as this one), or shoots never shown before. Or quite possibly (and often so), I haven’t been brave enough to share.

I have been out of time over the past few years. And have skipped so much.

5 of 5 from this shoot…and lots of shoots to come.

fairytaleAn oldie!

I promised I would try to post more from old shoots as I re-added them, so there are many more then posted before. These gorgeous girls were so much fun to work with and so sweet – they really were so lovely.

If you are interested in the post processing and how it was done, you can actually see the before and afters done from start to finish in the Post Production Videos that we have : Visit our store  for more on those.

This is from a JinkyArt Retreat in Texas which is always tricky for little ones – who have to be photographed in front of so many people. And they did great.  As for the location, the  photographs were taken at a place where I actually have my facebook profile to saying I live there because I do miss it so. Don’t worry, fellow Aussies reading this, of course, there’s no place like home however I can’t say I don’t miss all our American friends.

Lori Gola, a Photographer in Texas, helps us out over there by assisting but more so being a great friend. So let me firstly say.. a huge big thank you to Lori.  She also is great fun to go to the flea markets with (and have go to the flea markets for you) and just to generally giggle with.

In fact, as I update my site, you will find, as Lori counted the other day, apparently there are 11 photographs in the photography section of this website from Texas alone.  That is a lot of Texas lovin! Just there!

If you are ever in Texas there is a wonderful place called The Belle of Round Top – pop in and say hello (and say hi from us!). That is where we all met for our Texas workshops and Debbie and Doug put up with a lot from us I must say – 12 photographers all having a sleepover. It was a lot of fun. They have true southern hospitality and are fab for retreats etc (if you are ever holding one!). Oh and if you are a photographer needing those Texas blue bonnets …book in for a night! They are to die for.