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This is by far the BEST class I have ever taken” ~ Kimberly Krup

70 photographs edited – learn today!



Whats Included in your membership?


Access to over 70 Videos with 70 different edits. Covering a variety of styles and topics.  Master your post processing skills today. For beginners and advanced users. No actions or presets used. You will be emailed your login to your content within 24 hours of purchase.

Hundreds of Overlays in our new and easy to use “Drop and Drag Overlay Library” including both still and moving elements.

–Access to any new videos or content added, and you can expect 20 new videos over a year, and many many more overlays. What we have planned is exciting.

–Cancel at any time by simply emailing us.



Join us in this ever changing industry as we keep you up to date with techniques.

Just some of the photographs that you will see edited from start to finish.



Baby Skin Retouching, Adult Skin Retouching, Compositing,  Basic to Advanced Lightroom Techniques, Vintage Tinting and Toning,  Working with all lighting conditions including controlling or bringing back light, Realistic Editing to advanced colour change techniques, B&W conversions, the creative editing process, reducing and adding elements to draw attention, indoor and outdoor edits and so much more.







 Bonus “Overlay Bundle”

Hundreds of  downloadable overlays  – download them today!

With literally hundreds of drop and drag easy to use overlays.


Whats included in the overlays? Currently :

—  SKIES : 100 Sky Overlays.

— DUST : 20 Still Dust Overlays & 3 Moving Overlays

— SUN-RAYS : 25 Still Sun-ray Overlays and 3 Moving Overlays

–SNOW : 12 Still Snow Overlays and 4 Moving Overlays

— BUBBLES : 9 Still Bubble Overlays & 7 Moving Overlays

— FOG : 8 Still Fog Overlays & 1 Moving Fog Overlay

— BOKEH : 11 Still Bokeh Overlays & 2 Moving Bokeh Overlays

— PAPER WINGS : 14 Still Paper Wings & 2 Moving Overlays

— RAIN : 6 Ray Overlays & 2 Moving Overlays

–STARS : 4 Star Overlays & 2 Moving Starry Night Overlays

— MOON : 3 Moon Overlays

— DANDELIONS : 2 Moving Dandelions Overlays

— HOLIDAY : 2 Still Overlays & 2 Moving Overlays

— FILTERS AND HAZE :  17 Still Filter Overlays

— BUTTERFLIES : 4 Moving Butterflies (2 Species).

— RAINBOW : 7 Still Rainbow Overlays

— BUTTERFLY WINGS : 36 Still Butterfly & Moth Wings (15 Different Species) & 3 Moving Overlays


With so much more coming soon!



How the subscription works :

Each year we add 20 new videos – keeping you up to date – that means new content is added in usually January and July. Overlays will be added at any time of year. Your subscription lasts for one year or up until the day you cancel within that year term.

You are in complete control as you can cancel at any time by simply emailing us.

If you decide to continue with your subscription, on the anniversary date of your purchase each year, you will be automatically charged for another term. By purchasing a membership with us you agree to these terms. You can cancel prior to this if you do not wish to be charged by emailing us at After spending 1 term with us, if you do find you are changed when you forgot to cancel, just contact us within 48 hours (strict) of the re-subscription charge and we will refund the re-subscription. Please note this is only available on re-subscription, not the first purchase.  We want you to enjoy your subscription with us.

This is our most popular product and the feedback has been truly fabulous. Scroll down for reviews and comments about the videos. All prices are in AUD and ex GST  (Australian Dollars) : Conversion rates can be found here.



The Videos and Overlays are for single user only. They are not to be distributed, shared or remade in anyway to be resold, or given to others. The videos are streamed from a private area of our website, and you have access to them during the term of your subscription. Please do not share these videos in any manner.   The Overlays are for you to download. They are for use with your personal photography, or in your client work only. They are not to be reused for stock purposes. By downloading the overlay files you agree to these terms and we thank you for your understanding.


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Barb uses Lightroom (5 & 6 & CC) and Photoshop (CC) however if you just have Photoshop the majority can be followed along in Camera Raw.  All the overlays, both still and moving, can be used in Photoshop. The processing is done on RAW files. And just for an out of the box experience : for just two of the ‘moving images videos’ we also talk about using Premiere Pro for those of you who wish to look deeper into creating your own moving images with more flexibility. The videos are hosted on and it is up to you to ensure your country accesses that (for example China has blocked Vimeo)


“REVIEW 2017: “And I thought the first round of edits were amazing. These are blowing me away .. I can’t believe how much I have learned form your Videos . And I have been using Photoshop for a good while now… If anyone is on the fence about joining. Beginner or Advanced, DO IT ! :)) Barb is an amazing teacher and every edit I swear I learn something new !! WOWZA” ~ Lisa B

REVIEW : “Just wanted to say the new videos are fantastic and way too cheap for how much information you have given us!!!! Thank you very much…” ~ Rowena W

REVIEW : I have watched the first 3 videos and they are fantastic. I am someone who knows alot about photoshop from the technical side. My struggle is with identifying how to use it to make my photos better. Being able to spot the things to change rather then knowing how to change them if you know what I mean. I’m so pleased to by the way you have taught in these videos. Not only showing how things are done but actually sharing your eye and showing me how to identify ways to improve during the editing process. It’s fantastic!! Thank you ~ Paula

REVIEW  : I’m only 7:30 into the first one and already feel I have got my money’s worth!!!! ~ AnnaNelson

REVIEW : Just watched video 1 and it was great. I already use Lightroom and ps but wanted to improve my processing. This is exactly what I need. I have been looking for a class at the right level for ages – this is way better than anything else I have researched. Thank you! ~ mmthom


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